The Lobby (Off Topic)

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BioWare Forum/BSN Help

If you are having issues with the social.bioware.com or forum.bioware.com please post here.

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BioWare Merchandise

From Dark Horse Comics, to figurines, novels, or tabletop games, this is the place to discuss BioWare's non-video game products.

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BioWare Blog

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Legacy Games

  1. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
  2. Neverwinter Nights II
  3. Jade Empire
  4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  5. Neverwinter Nights
  6. MDK2
  7. Baldur's Gate I & II
  8. Shattered Steel
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  1. BioWare Store Support
  2. BioWare Points Help
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Social Groups

  1. BioWare Employee hangout
  2. The Shelter
  3. Clan Zorah
  4. Ashley, Kaidan, and Liara fans!
  5. Kaidanites
  6. You can call me Suspenders
  7. Mass Effect N7
  8. Themed Challenges
  9. The Magic Mushrooms
  10. Premium S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
  11. Muh Waifu
  12. LGBTQ Gamers
  13. Miranda Lawson Story/Character Group
  14. The Dark Star Lounge
  15. No PMs
  16. Bronze Effect
  17. S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
  18. The Treehouse
  19. Project Q
  20. Salma District
  21. The Quiet Room
  22. Claymore Worshippers
  23. The Blood Brotherhood
  24. Girls of the BSN
  25. Info Center.
  26. Spectre
  27. Remembering remembering the kaidanites
  28. Recollecting the Kaidanites
  29. Tevinter Imperium Fans
  30. The Prancing Ponies
  31. Femshep Group
  32. Kaidan Alenko, Biotic Sex God
  33. Steve Cortez Fan Group
  34. Bioware Short Stories
  35. Thain - The Harpers pf Thain
  36. Ladies of the BioWare Universes
  37. The Perfect Match - F/F Mirandamance
  38. Women of BSN Unite!
  39. Clan Vakarian
  40. Keelah se'lai
  41. Cullen's Safe Haven
  42. Dragon Age Fans
  43. BioWare Games Fans
  44. The Legion Effect
  45. Friends of Old
  46. Samantha Traynor Fan Group
  47. Asari Guardians
  48. Alliance Hazard Force
  49. Dean's Story Corner
  50. The Agents Lounge
  51. PUG life
  52. Alliance Military Command - PS3
  53. The Liara T'Soni Fan Club
  54. Leliana Romance Group for LRS project
  55. Rogue Spectre
  56. Queen Anora Support Group
  57. Jeff "Joker" Moreau
  58. Fan Creations Group
  59. The Campaign of Boomsticks
  60. NwN Spelljammers
  61. Ashley's Sanctuary 2.0
  62. PSS Spolszczenia
  63. Mass Effect Italian Community
  64. Tumbleweeds
  65. Dragon Age Italian Community
  66. Mass Effect Chronicles
  67. DAO Companion Creators
  68. ME3 MP Apprentice Program
  69. w³.masseffect.is.it
  70. Mac Players
  71. Geth Consensus
  72. Tali Grew 2.0
  73. Of Dice And Pen
  74. Best of the Best
  75. Music and Blasters
  76. Writer's Private Corner
  77. Zola's Machinima Group
  78. Loyal Bioware Fans
  79. Fight For The Love
  80. The Grognards
  81. Dalish Elves
  82. brianmTestGroup
  83. sub 7 club #yolo #swag
  84. World of Caenyr
  85. Dragon Age Community Content Curators
  86. Dwarves of Dragon Age
  87. I HATE DEVICES!!!!
  89. Arenthyor: NWN 1 RP Server
  90. Swedes of BSN
  91. cheaters are Fools And GlitcherS
  92. sabotaging Fools And GlitcherS
  93. The Official Pro-Templar Group
  94. Bring Jade Empire back!
  95. Corker's Blog
  96. Greyhawk Mercenaries Guild
  97. Mass Effect: Fighters Alliance
  98. 404 Not Found
  99. The Final Fantasy Fan Group Forums
  100. Average Gameplay Incorporated
  101. Old BSN'ers
  102. MEHEM Dev group
  103. Cullenite RP Group
  105. Wrex's Tea Party
  106. Neck Snapped, Disillusioned Society
  107. Alistair Grey Warden Weddings
  108. Was the Ending a Hallucination? - IT
  109. Argentum Regio - City of Dohral
  110. CC Makers
  111. ME3 Chill Group
  112. The Dragon Age Creation Station
  113. The Ensemble
  114. At the Vanguard
  115. The Orlesian Inquisition
  116. Dragon Age Origins Veterans
  117. An Eclectic Warband
  118. Members of the Qun
  119. Enchantment? Enchantment!
  120. Mass Effect Universe
  121. Bioware Quote Guild
  122. Art grp
  123. Mass Effect Miiverse
  124. ZockZone
  125. Ghost's for Dragon Age and Mass Effect
  126. Iron Bull Courter
  127. The Lucrosian Proposal
  128. Dragon Age Play-by-Post
  129. Goodies for BioWare
  130. The Gamers Collective of Rythorn
  131. Imperial Inquisitors
  132. The Black Emporium
  133. No SPOILERS!
  134. The Red Door
  135. The Anti-Fandom Fandom
  136. Thank You Cake Discussion Group
  137. rainy season
  138. The Sheps
  139. The Merry Bunch of Misfits
  140. M4SS EFFECT
  141. The Trans and Non-Binary Support Group
  142. Saturn News
  143. Mass Effect3 Multiplayer: Team Ownage
  144. Dalish Supporters
  145. The Trans and Non-Binary
  146. Legend of Korra
  147. Scrub
  148. The High Road of Arlathan
  149. Disabled Gamers
  150. N7 Officer VIP Lounge
  151. Team Ownage
  152. Dragon Age Multiplayer
  153. DA MP - SI
  154. Seperate DAI MP and SP Support Group
  155. Voice Over Actors 4 Mod Games Comunity
  156. Cassandra Saturn's Youtube Videos
  157. The Den of Iniquity
  158. BSN Destiny clan.
  159. Dragon Age Hessen
  160. Mass Effect 4 Discussion
  161. Mass Effect 4 Discussion
  162. DAMP - Glorious Casuals
  163. Elven Support Group
  164. Heralds of Andraste
  165. Cullunite Spoilers
  166. TCR
  167. Inquisition Spoiler Discussion
  168. Ask Cassandra
  169. Wolfsritterorden
  170. Dragon Lords
  171. The lore,magic, and history guild
  172. Mass Intelligence
  173. The Seranites
  174. Fanfiction story writers
  175. Dragon Age Creative Celebration
  176. Living Codex
  177. Grupo Brasil
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Section officielle

  1. Annonces générales
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BioWare Social Network

  1. Présentation des membres
  2. Forum de Guildes et Sites de Fans
  • 108
  • 1,029

Dragon Age: Inquisition

  1. Discussion générale
  2. Discussion sur le multijoueur
  • 47
  • 6,874

Mass Effect 3

  1. ME3 : Discussions générale et sur l’histoire
  2. ME3 : Discussion sur le multijoueur
  3. ME3 : Séquence création de fans
  • 1,088
  • 60,707

Mass Effect

Section dédiée à Mass Effect 1 et 2 !

  1. Discussions générales sur ME (pas de spoilers)
  2. Débats sur l'histoire de ME (spoilers)
  3. Aide et solutions pour ME (spoilers)
  4. Spécialisations et classes dans ME (spoilers)
  5. Normandy Network : zone Fan-art
  • 750
  • 28,154

Dragon Age 2

  1. DA2 : Discussions générale et sur l’histoire
  2. DA2 : Discussion sur les classes et solutions
  3. Création de la communauté
  • 323
  • 14,525

Dragon Age: Origins

  1. Discussions Générales de Dragon Age: Origins
  2. Débats sur l'histoire de DAO (spoilers)
  3. Aide et solutions pour DAO (spoilers)
  4. Spécialisations et classes (SPOILER)
  5. La Bibliothèque d'Andrasté
  6. Dragon Age : La Forge des Héros (Character Creator)
  7. Modding
  • 1,163
  • 18,090

Support technique

  1. Support technique Mass Effect 3
  2. Support technique Dragon Age 2
  3. Support technique Dragon Age: Origins
  4. Problèmes techniques avec le BSN
  5. Support technique Mass Effect
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  1. Espace détente
  2. Autres jeux BioWare
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Alle Ankündigungen und andere wichtige Informationen zu Dragon Age, Mass Effect und BioWare

  1. Wichtige Ankündigungen
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Social Network News

Bereich für die von den Fans Moira-Chan und Greymouse erstellten Neuigkeiten

  1. Social Network News
  2. Social Network News
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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Alle Fragen und Infos rund um den nächsten Eintrag in der Dragon Age Saga

  1. Allgemeine Diskussionen zu Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • 61
  • 9,952

Dragon Age II

Alles Wissenswerte zu Dragon Age II

  1. Diskussionen zu Dragon Age II
  2. Dragon Age II Mods
  3. Dragon Age II - Support Forum
  4. Dragon Age Legends
  • 2,130
  • 43,291

Mass Effect 3

Alle Fragen rund um Mass Effect 3

  1. Allgemeine Diskussionen zu Mass Effect 3
  2. Story- und Spoilerdiskussion
  3. Gameplay-Diskussionen: Quests, Teammitglieder & Romanzen
  4. Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer
  5. Mass Effect 3 Community-Kreationen
  6. Mass Effect 3 Support-Forum
  • 3,232
  • 160,686

Das Spiel Dragon Age: Origins

Allgemeines und Spezielles rund um BioWares Fantasy Epos

  1. Allgemeine Diskussionen zu Dragon Age: Origins
  2. Dragon Age: Origins - Support Forum
  3. Dragon Age: Origins - Gameplay Forum (Spoiler)
  4. Dragon Age: Origins - Character Creator
  • 4,757
  • 51,546

Das Spiel Mass Effect 2

Mehr zu Commander Shepard und seinen Abenteuern

  1. Allgemeine Diskussionen zu Mass Effect2
  2. Mass Effect 2 - Support Forum
  3. Mass Effect 2 - Gameplay Forum (Spoiler)
  • 2,081
  • 20,693

Dragon Age Modding und mehr

Eure kreativen Ideen, Visionen und Projekte

  1. Dein Modding Projekt zu Dragon Age: Origins
  2. Diskussionen zum Tool Set
  • 344
  • 2,735


Fragen, Probleme, Anregungen zum Forum? Teile dich uns mit.

  1. Offtopic Bereich
  2. Feedback und Anregungen
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  • dgryph
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