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ME3 Suggested Changes Feedback Thread - Spoilers Allowed

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Bioware's Jessica Merizan has made a request of the community...

Jessica Merizan wrote...

I think I need to clarify myself. For the past few weeks, I've been collecting feedback. I have excel sheets, word documents, quotes, graphs, you name it.

In order for a collaboration between the devs and the fans to work, I need you guys to CONTINUE being constructive, and organizing your thoughts. I know where to look, but I need you to help me by contributing to the dialogue.

Saying "this blows" helps no one. Saying, "I enjoyed X but I found Z _____ because of A,B,C" is what I'm looking for. Channel your frustration into something positive (such as the RetakeME3 movement - constructive, organized thoughts).

Chris and I are both collecting your feedback. We're listening. Make yourself heard.

Please use this thread to post your constructive feedback, which may include spoilers. Spam images will not be allowed, per the forum rules.

(The original, now defunct thread on the topic in this forum is located here: http://social.biowar...ndex/10093191/1)

UPDATE 3/18/12:

RaenImrahl wrote...


Thank you once again to all who have contributed their ideas, big or small, ending-related or not, to this discussion. I am impressed by the civility most have shown in this particular thread. Thank you!

A few notes going forward:

The developers are looking for what *you* think. Emphasis on *you*. If you see a piece of video, a pie chart, or a flow chart online that helps articulate your point, then by all means reference it. But the best way to make your argument is not with a link... it's with a statement. Explain *why* you think that video/text/chart/poll has validity. Use it as supporting evidence, sure, but *you* should make *your* case.

Let me put it another way... this isn't about showing the developers that there is a multiplicity of dissatisfied voices... it's about coming up with the widest and deepest swath of ideas.

Also, if you want to quote a passage from someone's post, it would be helpful if you only quote the section needed to support your case. As I've said before, this thread is naturally going to include some walls of text... but there's no need to replicate entire walls of text to make your point, necessarily.

Another option is to use the "link" function on a post you like to refer back to it.

Thanks again,


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Indoctrination theory being correct, then showing us what happens afterwards, with the extra bonus that we will never find out the reapers motivations(they  need to stay unknowable, otherwise it cheapens them).

Edit: Maybe look into that dropped dark energy plot?

Edit: Also, with an epilogue of sorts, no mass relay explosion (unless you fail), potential failure like promised (i.e. reapers win), and maybe possibly a golden ending with shep living, but very hard to get?

Edit: Golden ending with shep living would hopefully be with LI....

Edit: I miss being able to bring heavy weapons on missions...

I'd be willing to shell out.

Most Important Edit: I'm begging you, watch this video.

This page has a good list of our problems with the ending.

Edit: My favorite description of indoctrination theory

Edit: This thread has a large amount of non-ending related gripes.

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I want my blue babies.

That is all.


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Go with the indoctrination theory. Make it so we face off with Harbinger for real this time. And make the crucible a realistic construct some sort of blast that weakens the Reapers. This allows us to use our EMS to determine how the rest plays out. This would be perfect


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(Posted in this thread because I totally was taking to long and ended up after the lock in the other one)


First apologies for what I'm sure is the wall of text
flying back and forth which is contributing to the discussion being so
unhelpful right this second.  I would say people have to adjust to
actually having someone here.  Many of the articles laid out by some of
the posters do include the generalities of what we currently think was
wrong, but I can offer some concrete suggestions that reflect my
thoughts, and hopefully reflect the thoughts of others.

While the endings our our primary concern I'd like to address Earth and then a couple quality of life issues as well.

1.) War
assets - Many of us feel rightly or wrongly that we logically expected
war assets to appear either in game or in cutscenes during the take back
of Earth.  And the war assets I'm referring to aren't the space ships
above (Though those are awesome) they are the ones on the ground.  We
really really did want to see Elcor Living Tanks and bands of Krogans
charging reapers.  We wanted to see scenes of our ME2 squad mates
holding there own somewhere on the battlefield.  We expected the battle
on Earth itself to be so much grander

2.) I think a lot of us
expected Earth to be far more similar in tone to the ME2 suicide mission
where we could task crewmates and have their survival depend on our
choices previously in the game.  With the number of times Commander
Shepard is told that he was going to lose people, it was surprising that
no one on his current squad met that fate, and the ones who typically
would (Thane and Mordin) had already been heavily foreshadowed to
finding redeption through death (For the record, Thane Mordin and
Legions deaths were so pitch perfect that we find how perfect those were
out of balance with how much of a problem we had with the ending)

The section where you sprint towards the beam of light and harbinger
attacks all the way through having Anderson die next to you is
beautiful.  It's all emotional, and most of all it's personal.

Our main issues lie with the God-Child, we find his arguement
uncompelling because we don't see his logic, and we are angry most of
all because Shepard has been a character of definance against the odds
for 2.99 games.  And in the darkest hour, he does not have the option
really to simply reject the assertion that synthetics and organics will
always be at war (And the entire Geth Quarian plot line seems to make it
far more likely that Organics will try to wipe out synthetics than the
other way around.  We find fault with his reasoning and are for the
first time in the series unable to challenge it.)

5.) The ending
consequences for Shepard come down to three shades of death (discounting
the breathing), and the mass relays destroyed in all of them.  While
there may be an underlying philisophical discussion about destroying the
reapers controlling the reapers or merging all synthetic life, this is
far overshadowed by the very immediate practical problem of destroying
all relay travel and stranding fleets in the Sol system.

6.) I
believe this could have been handled better by having some options where
Shepard lives, but relays are destroyed, or shepard dies, but the
relays go on, or even Shepard picks the control option and the reapers
leave earth and the relays alone but go and reap the rest of the
galaxy.  The practical consequences of the three options are so similar
that their philisophical difference becomes irrelevant.  (To that end I
think many would've been happy for an option to be defiant, sacrifice
yourself, have the crucible simply bring down the reaper barriers and
make them easily destroyed by the assembled fleet, and hey if you have
enough EMS you can even save shepard.)

7.) Closure.  In this it
could've been done with a heroes funeral, or if he survived a simple pan
and scan of the area with his surviving squad mates and a "Let's go
home" moment.   We feel that many of the plotlines that were apparently
solved are undone because all the people necessary to good outcomes
(Like having Wrex on Tuchanka) are stranded in the sol system.  We're
not all asking for a Star Wars Medal Ceremony, we'd be perfectly fine if
it could be a bittersweet view of all we lost, but also at what we
still had.  (And if there are enough varient endings someone can get the
star wars medal ceremony, but that's the point we wanted the endings to
be divergent)

8.) The cut scenes were 80% the same.  There really isn't a way to not be unhappy about that.

other quality of life issues are: The Journal, The Face Import,
Multiplayer having too much of an impact on readyness, and the Shepard
Shame Talk  (when the models actively look away from each other while

Now I will point out that this depth of feeling is
because of a real sense of attachment to all of the characters in the
universe.  The deaths for the characters who had them were all pitch
perfect, which is why the lack of sacrifice in the last part of the game
of anyone on the most dangerous battlefield followed by destroying the
entire relay system is so jarring.


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I said it in the last thread, I'll say it again.


Print it out. Put it on a wall in a conference room somewhere. Sit the writers and development team down and ask them, "How can we address each of these issues?"


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Thank you, Jessica and Casey for that matter for the statements. The only thing I would l would liked changed...is better packs for MP. I'm tired of Sniper Rifles and Shotguns which I don't use :(

Other than that, the game to me, is perfect.

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Reign Tsumiraki

Reign Tsumiraki
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 Ah, perfect! I already wrote up what I think would solve the problem...



1.  Only change the ending starting from the last scene with Anderson/Shepard/TIM. Everything about the ending before that stays the same, with a few changes. 

2. Completely ignore the God-child-spirit. It conflicts and contradicts the "Protheans fooled the citadel" basis in ME1. This was important. Cut it out entirely.

3. Make several choices based off of war readiness, and how many assets went into the Crucible. Such as:

Rushed through the game and made bad decisions low: Crucible fails to work, and the Reapers obliterate the fleet. Player is "treated" to a small cutscene of the Reapers killing everyone in the galaxy.

Kind of low: Launch a giant EMP burst that destroys all Reapers, AI, Citadel, Relays, most technology, ect, as well as sacrificing earth. Shepard dies. Normandy crashes, and everyone aboard dies.

Low: Same, but without damage to earth. Shepard dies. Normandy Crashes. Crew dies.

Medium-low: Burst that only destroys all AI. Shepard dies. Normandy Crashes, Crew dies.

Medium: Burst that destroys all AI in the Sol system, and the Reapers. This allows the Geth to live, but EDI dies. Saves the Relays, but not the citadel. Shepard dies. Normandy crashes, crew survives.

High-Medium: Releases a burst that disables the Reaper Shields across the galaxy, allowing the fleet to easily kill the rest(Reapers are weak without their shields, as ME1 shows. A single torpedo from the Normandy killed Sovereign without it's shields) Shepard lives. Normandy damaged, but does not crash, and the player is treated to a small cutscene of the Normandy and the fleet blowing up a few reapers. Citadel is intact, Relays intact.

High: Sends out a burst attuned to the Reaper core (The Geth provide the information. They studied reapers, remember. If they are not available, the Quarians provide it, having researched the Reaper corpse on their planet) causing the Reapers' reactors to overload and die. However, the Reaper core just happens to be identical to the Core of the Citadel as well. The Citadel overloads and blows up. Shepard lives. Relays stay intact. Player is treated to a cutscene of the Reapers blowing up, troops on the ground rejoicing, as well as the Normandy picking him and Anderson's body up before Citadel explodes.

Very-high: Sends out a pulse that kills only Reapers. All tech stays intact. Shepard lives. Relays intact. Citadel intact. Player is treated to the cutscene above, minus the citadel explosion. 

In addition, the endings shown in the "original" game would be available. These would be available on the left side of the dialogue wheel, while the ones I have proposed would be on the right. Synthesis would be unlocked at the Very-High level, and Control would be unlocked at the High-Medium level. Destroy would not be available, as it's equivilant is already an option.

To complete the Synthesis or Control ending, the player takes the elevator up to where the Original ending takes place. This way, they do not have to design an entirely new environment. The animations and flashbacks for these endings would stay the same. The only difference in the cutscene after this would be no Normandy crash.

The options of the three highest unlocked options would show up on the right of the wheel on the right side. For instance, someone who had Medium assets would get the option of killing all AI everywhere, all AI in the Sol system, or all technology everywhere without damage to earth. The option where the Crucible fails to fire is not available if the player has enough war assets. 

The dialogue wheel would look like this, if someone had 100% of all assets.
                                Synthesis              Take down Sheilds
                                               (                       )
                                             (                           ) ---Kill reapers, Destroy Citadel
                                               (                       )
                                               /                       \\
                                      Control                Kill all Reapers
4. Include a small, text and scene ending. Small clips of certain occations from the various decisions made will show. This will vary greatly by the ending. 

EXAMPLE: Geth and Quarians rebuilding, all species rebuilding the invaded home planets, ect.

5. A small scene with Anderson and Shepard before Anderson dies, about what Shepard will do if the Crucible works. Shepard can then respond in a variety of ways depending on what options he is presented with because of the war assets claimed. Anderson then says the whole "I'm proud of you" spiel, wishes you luck, then dies.


Retiring and living in peace, finally, with LI(or alone, if that is the case).

Saying “This device will probably destroy the citadel and kill us, so it does not matter.”

Continue to pursue peace and justice as a Spectre.

Become a diplomat/politician and guide humanity


6. Any teammates that were with you at the time you got shot by the reaper will run towards the teleport-beam and make it to the Citadel ahead of you, thinking that you died, and that they need to finish what you started. Upon arriving there, you meet up with them and get to the console. They also get manipulated by TIM, but only you are able to "break free" by shooting or talking down TIM. 

7. Give a small end game play sequence where the player can walk around and talk to teammates, and notable figures in the game, if Shepard survives, similar to DA:O. This scene will of course depend on what choices were made, what characters are alive, ect. 

Anyway, that's my whole view on it. 

Players can get the endings they want, the player can still sacrifice themselves to get the endings they want, the Devs can have the endings they want, and originally intended. The only thing this really cuts is the stupid spectral Ghost-child-God thing, which was ridiculous in the first place. 

It still keeps the "space magic", however the player is no longer forced to use it.

How does this sound? I tried to address every concern and viewpoint, and combine them into one good ending that I think would please everyone. 

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Indoc theory or something else to fill you guy's massive plot holes...


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This video explains everything wrong with the ending, everyone should just repost it:

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1) Choices, a spectrum of choices beside Bleak and forced sacrifice with if's and but's, i want from happy to utter defeat, from beating the reapers with no if's to have to sacrifice myself for the greater good while refusing the logic of the Catalyst, to just flatout dying at the hands of the reapers. And i want it to feel and be different, just not in colours and small tweaks.

2) I don't want to just be forced to accept the Catalyst's logic.

3) An epilogue

4) The plotholes cleared or explained.

5) Remove the crash normandy part, or at least don't tack it on to every bloody ending.

Wishful thinking outside of the fixing the basic problems?? A highlight scene/cgi showing off every person you met battling the reapers, I think at least all of your squad deserves a moment in the sun during the big climax.

Paragon Auducan

Paragon Auducan
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1. Different endings based on choices throughout the series. Range from
Good-Bad where you can live and be with your friends or end up dead and
the Reapers win.
2. Run with the Indoctrination Theory even if it
wasn't planned. When Shepard wakes up give us the REAL Reaper battle.
War Assets that can be called in for backup etc.
3. Closure, works into issue 1. We want to know what happens and why, that includes status of squad and the galaxy as a whole.
4. No plot holes, again use the Indoctrination Theory and continue from the Shepard lives easter egg.
5. Free, this is a trilogy 5 years in the making. 100's of hours invested, don't make us pay to see the ending.

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Give us the ability to have a happy ending, i.e. Shep and Love Interest live, together, kids, etc.. Give us a way to save Thane. Give us an explanation of the Reapers and the Crucible.Why, when, who, etc. If possible, make the relationships more in depth with the characters. Give an option that'd save the relays, if possible, part of the happy ending.


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The plot holes brought up in this brilliant article must be corrected:


Star child is a joke, and his reason for wiping out organics a bigger one


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What I would like to say is some in game cutscenes that show our assets fighting the Reapers.

The link in my sig has some great ideas.

This part doesn't need to have dialogue, it doesn't need to have sound. Just some epic music and some in game assets kicking backside.

I want to see an ending devoid of god child with flawed logic that has never been preluded to at any point in the 3 games - I want to see some kind of epilogue about what happens to the characters built up over the years.

If you want to end with three galaxy devastating choices - thats fine, but what happened to the characters / races / places we've come to grow and love - show us where they are at in the future.

Mass Effect has always had choice and consequence - as it stands the entire end game of Mass Effect seems filled with a total void of how those choices consequences. Beyond the epic space battles (which are beyond epic really), I seem to have gone into that last fight with a handful of human soldiers. Where are my Krogan? Where are my Salarian STG? Where are my Spectres? Where is my Biotic support squad? Where is Grunt leading the charge?

The ending felt alone. Isolated and depleted. By the time the credits came up, I felt that my Mass Effect glaaxy was destroyed and everything I had built up to had done nothing. Either my largest fleet and army or my bare token minimal forces seemed to leave the galaxy in an identical way.

You were right, there was no Reaper win ending.

But there was also no Player win ending either.

Please, plase make the indoctrination theory ending a red herring and have a real ending that is worthy of the Mass Effect series.


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embrace the indoctrination theory.

Marauder Shields DLC

Lair of the Talimancer DLC

Shepard Dance Dance Revolution


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I want an ending that is really an ending. I want an ending that does not leave any plot holes, and does not make me ask questions. I don't want to finish a game and have to think about the ending to make it make sense. I want it to make sense the first time.


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I'll reiterate what I said before lockdown..

Jessica Merizan wrote...

I think I need to clarify myself. For the past few weeks, I've been collecting feedback. I have excel sheets, word documents, quotes, graphs, you name it.

In order for a collaboration between the devs and the fans to work, I need you guys to CONTINUE being constructive, and organizing your thoughts. I know where to look, but I need you to help me by contributing to the dialogue.

Saying "this blows" helps no one. Saying, "I enjoyed X but I found Z _____ because of A,B,C" is what I'm looking for. Channel your frustration into something positive (such as the RetakeME3 movement - constructive, organized thoughts).

Chris and I are both collecting your feedback. We're listening. Make yourself heard.

Then make sure not to charge for the DLC.. whatever you make.. I know that's a main point for me, being's there wasn't an ending to begin with..

You guys want to make this episodic, fine, I'm cool with that, but I bought a season pass with my purchase. Sure, deleted scenes and commentary tracks might be extra, but the show itself shouldn't cost me any more down the line because you guys couldn't figure how to end it..

Bottom line, if this becomes a "project 10 dollars more" then I'm out, as that's about as shady of a business practice as it comes..

As to the ending itself, solutions that is.. Just skim through any thread on the forums atm and grab each 7th post, compile them together and I'm sure you'll have plenty of good feedback that will improve the ending substantially.


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And again I post the email I sent to Bioware:

Dear Bioware.

I recently finished Mass Effect 3 and as a great fan of your work and committed customer I'd like to express my concerns about the ending of this great saga. I'd like you to keep in mind that I absolutely loved the previous games and this one as well except the last minutes so please do not think I don't appreciate what you did, I think you created an astounding universe and that's why it hurts me so much that all this story ended this way. It's like watching a racer make an excellent championship only to see him crash on the last curve of the last race and lose it, in a certain way all he did loses value. Except this isn't a race but a videogame and you guys can change the ending if you end up thinking like me and many gamers that it wasn't good.

Having said this I'll fist point out what I didn't like:

-First of all I think the choices we have at the end of the game are just fine. It can't all be a win-win scenario and Shepard has to make difficult choices, fair enough. But I don't really like how little you are told about them. You don't really know practically nothing about them and how the universe will end up after them and I think this is due in part because we don't know anything about the catalyst. He speaks very vaguely about his motifs and says nothing about his identity. When this happens you can't really trust in the choices you are presented because you don't trust in the one who is giving them to you.

-Second, I think Shepard should have expressed his opinion more with the catalyst about the dilemma of organic and machine life. Can they coexist? Will the cycle always repeat and machines surpass their creators? Is synthesis the correct thing to do or should life be preserved in its natural form wether you are organic or machine? this are the matters Shepard should have talked about and have said what he thought because this then adds value to your choice and doesn't present Shepard as a pawn of the catalyst who surrenders to it and executes the choice he thinks is the least bad, something completely opposite to what shepard means, a symbol of hope and fight against all odds wether you are paragon/renegade or a mix.

-Third, I didn't like what happens to the normandy crew at the end. I don't know why you decided this was the best outcome but I sincerely think it is not. It does not matter the choice you take, Shepard sacrifices himself for the universe and for his friends and love interest so I can accept the destruction of the mass relays and having the races and different systems separated from each other (as I said it can't all be a win-win scenario and a price must be paid for ending the reaper threat) but putting your crew on an uncharted planet isolated is an insult to Shepard's sacifice and ultimately to the players, who were Shepard. Besides, from a realistic point of view I don't know what the normandy and its crew was doing near a mass relay when moments ago its crew was on earth and the normandy too or on its orbit. It felt really forced, as if you guys wanted to do it without a good reason.

As you see the lack of answers and inconsistencies written are what I think make the ending bad and has forced many gamers to create indoctrination and dream theories equally forced to explain it and I think this wasn't what you were trying to do. People need to know answers and a sense of accomplishment and this ending lacks both.

I'll now make some suggestions that I think can help to fix this problems and you are completely free to ignore as long as you find a way to solve them:

-There should be a conversation tree with the catalyst with many options to investigate the reapers origin, the catalyst nature, and have their point of view a little more developed. Shepard could also explain his point of view about all this things responding to the catalyst, while this happens the catalyst could take different forms depending on shepard's answers (saren, anderson, the illusive man, your LI) making very clear the child was real and died and the catalyst chose a form reading shepard's mind.

-The normandy could be on earths orbit when the blast takes place and we see it crashing down on earth. This scene would suit equally the music theme of the original one. Then we see how joker leaves the normandy. Another scene with our squadmates alive could take place some months later where they are watching alliance news speaking about the state of the sol system and the plans for the future or a scene with shepard's funeral. Something that reminds us that life continues and you'll be remembered in a more direct way than the grandfather and child scene. In this scenes you could also see a glimpse of your love interest pregnant if it is biologically possible (male shep and human LI or liara or female shep and liara) with the rest of situations i don't really know but I'm sure you guys could come up with something.

-This is not critical but I don't really know why the anderson conversation was cut. I heard the original scene and it was top notch, incredible and really emotional. I can't believe if it's true that you cut it because it was too long, this is not a film and the longest the game is the better, especially with a scene like this one. It shows a lot of humanity in shepard and frankly it was one of the few things in the original ending I'd have wanted to see. Also if we ended up seeing our LI pregnant or adopting children the scene would be much more powerful. Please put it in again, it can't be difficult, you already have it recorded.

-Concerning the choices and the mass relays destruction, I've already said I like them and I don't really mind having the mass relays destroyed no matter your choice but I know this annoys a lot of players and maybe you should consider having them kept in the control and/or synthesis ending. In the destroy ending they always explode but depending on our war assests shepard could or could not live just as it is now and a scene with our LI could take place.

As I said you can or can not consider this suggestions to solve the deficiencies of the ending but I think I have pointed out well this deficiencies so solve them as you see fit (but please solve them well). Please don't be too proud and denie there is something wrong with the ending. There is. If you want don't solve this for us the players or for you but for the Mass Effect universe and story you created and we played but both of us love.

Thank you for reading this and I wish you the best for the future.

A Mass Effect fan.


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I will speak for myself, and I'm sure they are many that will agree.

1. We want the endings to be more varied and distinct from each other, having our choices from ME1-ME3 taken into account in the final outcome.

2. fill the plot holes, give us a real backround on the reapers and their purpose, bring Harbringer into the picture more.

3. the Rachni should have played a bigger part then what was represented in ME3

4. Galactic readiness should not be effected in the single player campaign by Multiplayer. There is a reason no other game has done this, since not everyone like Multiplayer. A person should be able to achieve 100% galactic readiness without being forced to play Multiplayer.

5. When it comes to the endings 16 variations of the same color of black does not cut it. there should be a good, not so bad, bad, and so on. But all the endings should be different and take into account our choices throughout the series, and most of all bring a closure and answer the questions we have about the reapers, and so on.

For those that ME3 is there first exposure to the ME universe, give them a DLC that alows them to make the choices they would have if they played ME1/ME2. so they can experence the same varied story as those of us that have played the whole series. This will not only give them a total experence, but also give them the bump they need and galactic readiness so they won't need to play multiplayer if they wish not too.

You guys made a DLC like that for ME2, there is no reason why you can't for ME3 as well, and you would make money on it as well.

I think most of us can agree that at least 95% of the game was perfect and griping, The plot holes, and the endings just tainted and ruined in cases the whole ME3 saga.

I also have reviews and my feelings about this whole ME3 situation in my blog for any DEV's that would like to read it, along with links to my polls.

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Add in cut Anderson dialogue. Correct endings so that they make sense, don't have plot holes, have our decisions matter in the final battle and provide closure.

PS Harbinger confrontation would be excellent as well.


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We want what we were told we were going to get all those months leading up to the game. We wanted legitimiately different endings.

Watch the above video, and Mr. Jeremy explains everything that was bad and what we want.


wh00ley 06

wh00ley 06
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Everything was brilliant until Harbinger landed without speaking. All after was disjointed.


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This thread more than any other contains the resources you're looking for:


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Jessica Merizan wrote...

Guys, this is an ongoing dialogue. Casey's post is not the final definitive answer to your concerns. This is a collaboration.

In order to be successful in this, I need you to help me gathering feedback and tell us what you want to see. I understand that people are still feeling emotionally raw or untrusting, and I'm not saying it's not valid to feel that way. However, if you want to see your feedback implemented, this needs to become constructive and rational.

Complaining more isn't going to get you what you want. Tell us what you need. Make polls, collect your thoughts. Chris and I are gathering this information and the developers are listening.

This is a partnership. Let's have hope and make your voice heard - that includes positive feedback too (if you like something we're doing, tell us so we know to keep it up!).

Alternative Ending. We don't want to be forced with basically three downer ending which have the same consequences on the galaxy ( blowing up the relays). You promised us a golden/happy ending, it's time to keep that promise. We also want closure and an epilogue, even if just like the one in DAO. I'll be totally honest, for now the game has absolutely no replay value for me because of the ending. For the same reason, i don't see the point to buy DLC.

And to conclude, i will say that it's a damn shame that the ending is so awfull when the rest of the game was so awesome.