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Here's the 2nd interview!

TV:  http://www.globaltve...&p=1&s=dd#video

Article: http://www.globaltve...0965/story.html

Here's my interivew with Puresophistry!

It is one of the two interviews I gave about the Cupcake Drive.

I hope you all enjoy it. I did my best to represent our community :)


********** UPDATE **************








Fan Notes:

"To: Bioware

From: The Retake Mass Effect Movement" –Nterl0k


"It’s not even in any way like the traditional cupcake
flavors, where you can say how many flavors there are or whether you got color
A, B, or C…The flavors have a lot more sophistication and variety in
them." – Peter Ng, James Petipas, and JS17

rage because we love! Enjoy ;-)" – Peter G & LoganKey

“No matter what color, it’s all vanilla ;-)” – Julie, Bernd


"From Marauder Shields" – LukeE


“I came, I saw, I............... Colors?” – Julian Grebe


"Hanar are Pink, Asari are Blue No more endings please
in Red, Green or Blue" – Stuart Smith

have a difficult choice to make - eating a cupcake WILL end your hunger, but it
will also rot your teeth."  -
Chrisimo & Emma

"Red, Green or Blue - CHOOSE!" - Michal
"XanderCz" T

"We still love you! @bsn tjmax @RL Jane"

"May this sweet cupcake, power your creative process
and new finales!" – Pete Driver


"Hope this can help add some sweetness to the end"
- Quietness from BSN


“Enjoy ;-)” – Alexander Guldmark


"Warning; may contain space magic." – mid.arc


“Om nom nom nom nom. For better ME
endings!” - Adam Sie-Grabowski


“Thanks for your hard work. A little more closure would be
nice, like, you know, blue babies. “  -
BSN: Gibsn


"Consider this: the fans want to give [/b]this to you,
don't miss your chance and sell us all an ending."  – J Van der Aa


“"Isn't the option of getting something sweet instead
of bitter enjoyable? ;-)”  -Dave Schmidt


“Special delivery for Mordin Solu…I mean Patrick Weekes” -BSN:
Welsh Inferno


"Hated the endings, but much love to all at Bioware!”


"I finally have a way to thank you guys for giving the
world Mass Effect. Thank you so much!!" 
-Justin Onofrey


"Now will you give us something sweet as
well?"  -BSN: _NF_Von_Lipwig


“Thanks!”  - J717 @

"Thank you for the Mass Effect games. I really love them. But please give
us the promised decisions. Sincerely a fan (i hope you like the cupcakes
;-))" – Marco


"Choose the red one! You'll get to live
afterwards!...That was a joke. ;-)” – Alex


“I've spent the last 100 hours baking many different
varieties of cakes, pies, cookies and other desserts.  Please choose from
one of these three similar but differently colored cupcakes.” –Djandyra


“The stronger the love, the
stronger the heartbreak.”  -BSN: Trisskit


“Releasing control of this
snack.” – SnakesSon

you only gave us the bitter, we thought we’d add the sweet!  Please give
your fantastic game an ending worthy of all the minutes that came before.”  - Vicky

 “With Love” 
-Marauder Shields

choices can't possibly taste THAT good, right?" – SomeKindaEnigma

you are my favourite group of games developers.  I love all

your work.  Thanks to all those who put so much hard work into Mass Effect
3, for giving us characters worthy of deep emotional investment, and many
whimsical and touching moments.  After experiencing 99% brilliance, the
ending(s) gutted me. But I still have faith, and immense love for you. I wish
you the best.  We campaign because we care.

Enjoy the cupcakes!” – Estelindis

respect your vision of the game, please respect our vision too. It's impossible
to make everyone happy, but I strongly believe you can make the majority happy.
Can we compromise? There's no need to destroy what you have already built, we
would just like more options. Thank you" – Tyrone Landers

US!” – Joey Billelo

love, tough love." – Kraegon

“No space magic was used during the creation of these cupcakes”
- BSN unsername Cribbian

“Thanks for all the pleasure you have given me through out all your games.
Every game you made, made me being your fan; proud and privileged. But I have a
hard time trying to wrap my head around why such a beautiful game as Mass
Effect 3 could have such a cold and emotionless ending. But If I could( living in
the Nethelands) I would have come to your office and say I trust you to make it
right” - Nardo de la Rie

“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to eat
cupcakes in the rain. Thank you for five wonderful years of Mass Effect! Keelah
se'lai!” – BSN: nupferl

of how proud your kids would be, telling everyone...their mom is Commander
Shepard" – Hylndur101

“Keep up the good work Bioware! Hope you enjoy”  - BSN ID : MrCabal – Belgium

endings hurt us, therefore we are assuming control of your calorie count."
- BSN Syokhan.

"Lot of little blue cupcakes for lots of little
blue children." - avatar0

Shields! Remember his sacrifice!” – Anders

“These cupcakes are your salvation, through consumption!”
-Michael Hollien

*************** UPDATE *************

Ok guys, we all did good. Bioware got our message, and the kids got some food. If anyone is curious, I was interviewed by two separate news sources. One from Edmonton, one from Toronto. I will post links when the interviews are up. WIth respect to the charity portion of this campaign, this was my official statement: 

"I'm glad that these Cupcakes were received, and also very happy that
they got donated to kids who need them. It doesn't matter who eats them.
RetakeME3 sent its delicious message, and did some good at the same

We held the line, and Bioware knows how we feel. Again, we did good. Bioware has our letters, and hungry kids get cupcakes.

We held the line. Now we wait till April, and see where we go from there.

Thanks again,

Sam (aka LoganKey, aka Beretzik)

************* UPDATE * *************************






For those in Europe, that's: 19:50-20:10 GMT.

Photos will be posted by myself as soon as I get them. Bioware may also post videos or photos at their leisure. Also, ShadowWrought has informed me that there may be a TV crew there.

You all held the line. Thanks to everyone for their incredible support.

********** UPDATE **********

amazing! Check it out :D


From our friends in Germany: 


Also, I spoke with Fuss Cupcakes earlier today. Delivery is schedule for tomorrow (Thursday, March 29) at around noon (so between 12pm-2pm) .. something like that.

For those in Europe: Delivery time between 21:00 - 23:00 GMT.


Looks like we got Fuss Cupcakes some press coverages. Check out this email from Dale: 

****UPDATE****  Check out this letter I got from Fuss Cupcakes!

Posted Imagedale Dale dale@fusscupcakes.com 1:50 PM (0 minutes ago)Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Imageto me Posted Image"Hi Sam, That's
awesome! I got a call from a reporter for Forbes this morning also. I'm
amazed at how much attention you guys can create in such a short time!
I'll send you the pictures as soon as the order is finished."


** UPDATE **  - $100 has been donated to full paragon. I got confirmation email just now, but I'm in class. I'll post a screenshot later.

Hey guys,

So I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I am going to be donating the excess $100 to Full Paragon. This is in no way reflective of whether or not we are going to do a Marauder Shields Cake in the future. It's just that such a project would take a few weeks (depending on the details of the cake), and I don't want to hang on to other people's money for that long.

So as I stated yesterday, the excess funds will be given to Full Paragon (confirmation coming soon) as it seems like the best solution.

Also, I've noticed that this thread is geting someehwat contentious, with quite a bit of bickering and back and forth going on. I don't want that to distract from the positive message that was generated from this effort, so please, just ignore the trolls. I don't want to have to ask a mod to shut this thread down, especially since I still need to post the photos once I get them :)

Play nice

I'll keep you all posted soon,



********** UPDATE ************

Please see confirmation. Contact and email of Fuss Cupcakes is also there. Anyone who wishes to do so, may verify at their leisure.


Some of you have expressed a desire for something bigger, although I couldn't imagine something bigger than this yesterday. I am going to make a poll to see where people would like to go from here. Some have suggested making a Marauder Shields cake..... it can be done.... but the galaxy would never be the same.

You guys can decide here : http://social.biowar...59/polls/30651/

It was an honor holding the line with you all.

Good job


We reached our goal of $1,005.00 in under an hour! You guys blew up my email box. As I type this, it's huddled in a corner crying :-P.

I couldn't even end the chipin before I got $100 more than what I needed. That money will be donated to Full Paragon OR I can ask the Owner to bake a cake in honor of Marauder Shields :-D. You guys decide.

Notes from these extra contributors will also be added to the cupcake boxes.

It's been an honor holding the line with you all. Damn.... I should've had the bakery make a tower cake or something...I'm gonna be here all day sorting through my emails :-D.

I've also gotten into contact with the owner from Fuss Cupcakes. He will be sending me an email confirming that the order has been FULLY PROCESSED. Will give a link and his email as soon as I get confirmation. Anyone who wants to independently verify may do so.

Keep holding that damn line!

************UPDATE* *********: 



Make your contributions. Show Bioware some love, while telling em how you feel. Hold the Line!


Hate the endings? Wish the devs would make it right?...then come and check out this campaign.


We are currently trying to organize the delivery of a mass of cupcakes to Bioware's studio in Edmonton. All the cupcakes will be divided into equal parts Red, Blue and Green colors... but they will all taste exactly the same. If you'd like to participate, please check out the thread below and let us know. 

This coming week, we should send Bioware boxes upon boxes of a dozen cupcakes Posted Image. We are taking ideas as to what sort of notes we should have attached on each box. Some possibilities include: 

- "No matter what color you choose, they all taste the same";
- "No matter what color you choose, it's all vanilla ;-D"
- "We rage because we love"

What we need now is enough people who are willing to join in, and who are willing to help me organize this in a transparent way.

I'm loving the support, but please guys, go to the HTL website and post your support on that thread as well. I need to have an idea of how many people are willing to contribute to this before I actually place the orders!

How to Contribute:

Tomorrow, I will phone the companies and place an order for the cupcakes. When this is done, I will post the receipt, order confirmation, and contact info of the company and sales rep as proof that the orders have been done. I will then post a link to my paypal through Chipin, and cap the contributions at the ammount that will be on the receipt.

This seems like the most logistically feesible way of doing it. If someone has a better idea, please let me know.


It seems that some people are having trouble logging into the HTL. That's ok, just post your support here. If you get the confirmation email, then post on the other thread when you can.

**UPDATE - MARCH 26, 1:07PM **

Ok, I have spoken to a bakery located really close to Bioware studio's. They are called: 

The approximate cost for this is $1005.00. That includes delivery, attaching our notes and letters, and having some photos taken of our creation. Note** Owner was kind enough to drop the price due to bulk.

There will be 402 Cupcakes. The cupcakes will be equally divided into three colors: Red, Blue and Green. Each color cupcake will have the corresponding letter 'A', 'B', 'C'

The company DOES NOT have a paypal account. That means that I will have to place the order, and take contributions directly to my own paypal, and pay for it that way. Will have a final figure in the next hour.


Every single person who contributes, will be able to write a brief note to be attached to the cupcakes. We will also, as a community, write a letter from all of us to Bioware.

These cupcakes can be delivered by the end of the week. Personally, I'm shooting for Thursday or Friday, since that's well in advance of PAX.

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Hmmm. Like the thought, but think maybe the execution needs a little work.

It makes a point, but I'm not sure that sending Bioware tasty pastries will apply any pressure or have the effect that you intend it to have, even if they DO understand what you're saying.

If you want them to get the message then not only do the cupcakes all need to taste exactly the same, but they all need to be baked using dog****. After all, there were two problems with the endings. The first is that they're all identical. The second is that they were all dog****.

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I actually kinda like this idea. Its a bit of a light-hearted approach to the current situation.


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Well I'm a firm believer in catching more flies with honey than with vinegar. Yes, sometimes some negative pressure is necessary. At the same time though, a bit of tasty tongue-in-cheek might also work.

Split among a bunch of people, 120 cupcakes or so doesn't cost much, but it can go a long way.


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This is actually a thousand times better than the child's play idea!


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Admittedly, my earlier post was somewhat tongue in cheek. I am not actually advocating sending Bioware **** cupcakes.

And heck, why not go the honey route? The vinegar route isn't really working, so it's worth a try. Kudos to you.


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Thanks for the support. Again, please check out the link above, and let us know if you're in on the thread there.

If I get enough support, I will place an order for the cupcakes, post the receipt, confirmation and contact # of the company.. and then people can contribute what they can.


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I think its a pretty good idea.

But I think the cupcakes should be hamflavoured. So that when they bite into them they have "lots of speculation" of the origins of the cake too.


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This is such a cute idea!

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian
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I support this idea SO ****ING MUCH.

You know that saying "kill them with kindness?"

Yeah, this would be it.



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leave them a note.

blue and red cupcakes mean nothing the green ones give you aids....

or do they? hah hah hah.

love true fan.

Reptilian Rob

Reptilian Rob
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I support this!


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And they can't be mad because cupcakes!

Guest_Puddi III_*

Guest_Puddi III_*
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Cupcakes? No need to get violent...


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This idea is hilarious and awesome. I'm in.

Inquisitor Recon

Inquisitor Recon
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This can only end badly. Do it.

Dreaming Dead

Dreaming Dead
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This is all sorts of fantastic.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian
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Can someone contact the retake me3 people on facebook? They are usually able to spread the word a bit farther than us.

Reptilian Rob

Reptilian Rob
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The Last Guardian wrote...

Can someone contact the retake me3 people on facebook? They are usually able to spread the word a bit farther than us.

I'll try to get in touch. 

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian
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Dreaming Dead wrote...


Great message. 10/10. This truly explains how you feel<_<

Dreaming Dead

Dreaming Dead
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I just think that's a complete waste of money and pestering Bioware too much.

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then hold the line


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:ph34r:[meme image removed]:ph34r:

i loled. Waste of money, but in a nice way.

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Just to clarify, this campaign is strictly a tongue-in-cheek form of constructive feedback.

We want Bioware to actually -want- to make this right for us. We want them to actually put passion into fixing this. This is a way of showing that, even though we are upset, we still trust them to do right by their fans.