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The Complete Guide for Creating Custom classes in SP (Version 2.0)

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How To Create Custom SP classes


UPDATE: With the completion of sections "Bonus Round IV: Unlocking MP Powers for SP" and "Bonus Round V: Full MP Power Access Without Power ID Conflicts", this guide has earned "2.0" status. We can now gain access to the full suite of MP Powers and use them through playthroughs with convenience. Barring the discovery of easier methods, updates to this guide will likely be minimal in the future.


Custom class creation is possible in ME3, and thanks to the efforts of various individuals smarter and more devoted than I, you can rock a unique Shepard with minimal inconvenience during gameplay.

The tools you should download:

(Optional) Gibbed Save Editor 

http://svn.gib.me/builds/masseffect3/ (look for the latest savedit-r**.zip)

This allows for easy editing of savegame files and is generally super useful. You can change many things, but for the purposes of this thread, you’ll be using it mostly just to change your Shepard’s default class (if desired) and potentially to cleanup/modify your powers list.

(Needed) ME3 Coalesced Utility:

http://wenchy.net/me...lesced-utility/ (Original link, doesn't seem to be working at the moment).

This powerful tool can modify anything located in the coalesced.bin file, which has the power to alter many aspects of the game. We’re primarily concerned with adding a keybinding to execute the commands we’ll need to easily manage our custom classes. Also, many of you will optionally want to use this to modify the properties of the powers you’re assigning to each class.

(Needed) MOAM Keybinds Manager:


This awesome tool is the last piece of the puzzle which makes easy management of your classes possible. This keybinding manager makes it easy for you to organize and modify the console commands you’ll execute while playing the game to make your custom class possible.

(Incidentally, the Keybinds Manager it is a part of a comprehensive modding effort known as Mother of All Mods, which contains a lot of awesome tools to customize your ME3 experience. Check it out here if you’re interested:http://www.moddb.com...her-of-all-mods)

Essentially, what you’ll be doing boils down to the following:
  • You will create a custom set of commands with the MOAM Keybinds Manager. The goal is to consolidate everything you need into a series of commands that you can execute with a single press of your keyboard while running the game. These commands will transform you vanilla class into your desired custom class.
  • You need a way to access the command list you’ve created, so you’ll use the ME3 Coalesced Utility to modify the coalesced.bin file to include a new keybinding of your choice. The custom command list you created with MOAM will be mapped to the new keybinding.
All these great tools can do many other things, but these steps represent the core of what you’re doing that makes custom classes work well. I should mention now that the Gibbed tool is completely optional, but may be handy if you want to change your player’s base class before applying your custom class commands.

Ready? Ok, let’s go.


Setting Up Coalesced.bin

1) After you’ve downloaded the Coalesced Utility, open it and select File -> Open. Point the tool towards your ME3 Coalesced .bin file located here:
  • \\Program Files (x86)\\Mass Effect 3\\BIOGame\\CookedPCConsole
  • * BACK UP YOUR “Coalesced.bin” FILE NOW.
  • NOTE: All paths specified in this guide are for a 64-bit install of Windows 7. Please know that the install locations *may* be different depending on your version.
2) Navigate to the following list:
  • Biogame.ini -> bioinput.ini -> sfxgame -> sfxgamemodebase -> bindings = (multiple)
3) You’ll now see a list of bindings that you may correctly surmise map to basic player actions. Scroll to the bottom of the list and add the following entry:
  • ( Name="F12", Command="Exec KM_PresetMANAGER.txt" )
Posted Image

4) Save the file. You’re done with modifying the coalesced.bin file.

What this does is make your F12 key execute the commands listed in a text file. This text file, which is essentially your command list, will be created in the next step. 

Creating Your Command List

1) Download the MOAM Keybinds Manager tool and open the archive. Navigate into the “binaries” folder and you’ll see a bunch of files prefixed with “KM”. Copy all those files into your ME3 Binaries folder:
  • \\Program Files (x86)\\Mass Effect 3\\Binaries
2) Open KM_PresetMANAGER.txt. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a few entries at the bottom that say “exec add_your_Preset_Name_here.txt”. The file you’re reading essentially functions as a link to other text files that contain your commands. The “//” you see in front of each line “comments” the line out, preventing it from doing anything.

3) Erase any three lines and insert the following, each on a separate line and in this precise order:
  • exec KMPowersRemove.txt
  • exec KMPowersGive.txt
  • exec KMPowersReset.txt
Posted Image

4) As you might have guessed, these point to 3 separate text files that contain the actual commands we want. The next step will be to go ahead and modify the text files.

5) Open up KMPowersRemove.txt. At the very top of the file, insert the following line:
  • Set SFXPowerCustomActionBase IsBonusPower true | Set SFXPowerCustomAction_AmmoPowerBase IsBonusPower true | Set SFXPowerCustomAction_GrenadeBase IsBonusPower true
  • The above commands will ensure that your experience is smoother while playing. This is because the game typically checks upon every level and save load to determine if your character has the powers he/she should have, based on your class, and does the following: removes non-bonus powers and adds missing base class powers.
  • These commands mark all the base powers as bonus powers, ensuring that the 1st problem won’t occur. The 2nd problem will still occur, but we can easily get around that (described later).
6) While still in KMPowersRemove.txt, you’ll see a long list of commands. Each line is a command to remove a specific power from your character. You’ll notice that every line has been commented out and doesn’t fire by default.

7) At this point in the process, you’ll need to define your class. So, here’s one as an example:
  • Sentinel Commando:
  • Incendiary Ammo
  • Disruptor Ammo
  • Dark Channel
  • Throw
  • Cryo Blast
  • Tech Armor
  • “Bonus Power”: Biotic Sphere
8) In the KMPowersRemove file, we’ll want to enable the lines that correspond to the powers the class has by default that we *don’t* want in our new class. So for our example here, that means we want to remove: 
  • Warp, Lift Grenade, Overload.
  • For those powers in the list, un-comment the lines by removing the “//” in front.
    Posted Image

  • Save the file. We’re done with it.
9) Now open the KMPowerGive.txt file. In this one, let’s un-comment the lines for the following powers:
  • Incendiary Ammo, Disruptor Ammo, Dark Channel, Biotic Sphere (“bubbleshield”).
  • Save the file. We’re done. This file will now grant the player the listed powers.
10) Open KMPowersReset.txt. Un-comment the line that reads, “ResetTalents Self”. The use of this file is optional and is only needed if you want to reset all of your talent points. Save it.

Optional: Setting the Proper Base class

1) If your custom class requires a base class that your Shepard isn’t currently set to, you can switch your base class by using the Gibbed Save Editor.

2) After downloading the editor, open it and click on the “Open” button.

3) Select the proper savegame for the character in question.

4) Under the “Player” -> Basic tab (open by default), you’ll see an entry named “class” with a dropdown menu next to it. Use the dropdown menu to choose your desired class.
Posted Image

5) After making your selection, hit the “Save” button.

6) Create a new save or overwrite an old one. Be sure to put the save in the proper career if you have multiple Shepards.

Activating Your Custom class

1) Load ME3 and a savegame of your choice (such as the one you may have created above).

2) While in the game world, go ahead and press F12.

3) Pressing this now executes the command lists you’ve created. If you followed the steps, that means that you have:
  • Set all base powers as custom powers to prevent power resetting upon level and save load.
  • Removed all the powers listed in KMPowerRemove.
  • Added all the powers listed in KMPowerGive.
  • Reset all of your talent points.
4) Take a look at your Squad screen. Shepard should now have only the powers you’ve designated as part of the new custom class.

5) If you don’t have the correct number of talent points, go ahead and save your game and then load it. This will reset the number of points available to you to what is expected.

6) Upon loading you save again, you’ll notice that the default class powers that you previously removed have come back again. A simple text edit will fix this.

7) Open KM_presetMANAGER.txt again. Comment out the following lines by adding “//” in front of them:
8) Now back in your game, press F12. Opening your character screen should reveal that the extra powers have been removed again.

9) Now you can go ahead and enjoy your new custom class! Every time you load a new area or a savegame, just hit F12 and you’ll automatically remove unwanted powers from your list. This isn’t something that is necessary to play your class, but it helps keep your character sheet neat and more easily 
readable. Congrats on making it through all these steps.

If you followed the example class and did everything right, your character sheet should look something like this:

Posted Image

Final Important Notes:

1) The one major caveat to know is that, every time you exit and then reload Mass Effect 3, you’ll notice the following with your character:

[*]Any bonus powers you’ve added are still present.[*]Non-bonus powers that the base class doesn’t have by default aren’t present.[*]Standard powers for the base class are present.

2) The solution to this should be making sense to you now. You’ll need to run KMPowersRemove.txt and KMPowersGive.txt. 

3) Edit the KM_PresetMANAGER.txt file and make sure that those lines have been enabled.

4) Press F12 in game.

5) Edit KM_PresetMANAGER.txt and comment out the “KMPowersGive.txt” line.

6) Now, as long as you don’t shut down ME3, all you have to do is hit F12 after every level and savegame load. Keep in mind this step is purely optional and is only for cosmetic purposes.

7) If you want to get extra clever and make things convenient for yourself, you can add more keybindings to prevent yourself from ever having to go back and forth in KM_PresetMANAGER and make edits:

a. Edit Coalesced.bin and add extra keybindings to separate out the console command text files for better control. Navigate to Biogame.ini -> bioinput.ini -> sfxgame -> sfxgamemodebase -> bindings = (multiple) and do the following:
  • Add: ( Name="F11", Command="Exec KMPowersRemove.txt" )
  • Add: ( Name="F10", Command="Exec KMPowersGive.txt" )
  • Add: ( Name="F9", Command="Exec KMPowersReset.txt" )
8) This simplifies the steps. This means that the first time you ever create your custom class, you hit in order, F11, F10, F9.

9) Anytime you load a level or a savegame, you (optionally) hit F10.

10) Anytime you quit ME3 and then start it up again, you hit F11, F10.

And that’s it! Congratulations, you’ve created your own custom class and can now easily manage it with just a few keypresses in the game.

Bonus Round: Editing Properties of Powers

Many of you may be interested in modifying power attributes as part of your class customization. It’s very easy to do and once again involves using the Coalesced editor.

1) Make a backup of your coalesced.bin. Keep it permanently as your “clean” version.

2) Open coalesced.bin and navigate to: biogame.ini -> sfxgamecontent -> sfxpowercustomaction.

3) Expanding sfxpowercustomaction will show the entire list of powers available to you. Expand individual entries to expose the parameters available for adjustment.

4) Adjust whatever you like and then save the file.

5) IMPORTANT: Some changes here will affect the same powers in multiplayer. Bioware has stated that singeplayer modding is fine, but adjustments that can affect multiplayer may result in your account being banned. The safe approach is to just make sure you use your default backup coalesced.bin whenever playing multiplayer. Do that and you’ll always be ok.

Bonus Round II: Choosing Powers

Not all powers are available to the player. Because of the way Bioware coded their multiplayer DLCs, all powers introduced past the 1st MP DLC (“Resurgence”) have been locked off (Note: A method has been discovered to unlock all MP powers in SP. This method is described in one of the last sections in this guide). This means that, when creating your custom class, you can choose from the following by default:

1) All powers available in the base game.

2) All powers available in the “From Ashes” DLC (DLC not required): Dark Channel, Slam.

3) All powers available in the “Leviathan” DLC (DLC required): Dominate

4) All powers available from the “Omega” DLC (DLC required): Lash, Flare, Biotic Protector (currently bugged).

5) All powers available from the “Resurgence” DLC (DLC required): Ballistic Blades, Submission Net, Hunter Mode, Blade Armor, Geth Turret, Biotic Protector

6) Also, certain powers are mutually exclusive and can’t occur simultaneously on a character. They are: Slam/Lash, Sentry Turret/Geth Turret, Inferno Grenade/Flare, Dominate/Submission Net.

7) There was a bonus power slated for inclusion in the "Citadel" DLC, but it was never officially given to the player. You can add it by using the following command:
givepower self sfxgamecontentdlc_exp_pack003.sfxpowercustomaction_stimpack

8) You can also add almost all MP variants of powers that already exist in SP. This means that you can get the enhanced versions of Singularity and Shockwave, for instance.  Here is the basic keybinding power list (separate files for a logner list of powers is available further down below in this doc and may only be used if you follow the required steps):[*]KMPowersRemove.txt[*]KMPowersGive.txt

Bonus Round III: Editing Your class Name and Description

Not satisfied with just the new abilities you've given yourself? Feel the need to make things official? Well go right ahead and give yourself a new class name. To do this, you'll need to download another tool.

ME3 Explorer:


Another great, comprehensive set of tools and what you'll need if you're really serious about modmaking. But if you're just adjusting your class name like me, then you're not. All we're concerned with right now is the TLK Editor, which allows us to edit the strings (text) used in the game. 

1) After downloading ME3 Explorer, run the main program.

2) Select Tools -> TLK Editor. A new window will pop up.

Posted Image

3) In this window, you need to specify a path to the correct *.tlk file that contains the text you wish to edit. For english speakers, this will be "BioGame_INT.tlk".

4) Navigate to \\Program Files (x86)\\Mass Effect 3\\BIOGame\\CookedPCConsole\\BioGame_INT.tlk

5) Now that you've located this file, BACK IT UP!

6) The second path you have to enter is for the *.xml file that the editor will generate. This is the file we'll open with Notepad to edit.  You can generate any name you'd like for it, and save it to any location. I chose to name it similarly to the default file and save it in the same folder.

7) Hit the Start! button.

8) Now open your new .xml file with Notepad. It's time to locate the appropriate string to modify.

Posted Image

9) Starting from the very top of the file, hit CTRL-F and type in the name of the class you're going to modify. In my case, I simply typed in, "Sentinel."

10) You can see in the highlighted area where I changed "Sentinel" to "Sentinel Assassin". Listed above my entry are the other strings for each class. I later changed this to "Fury," which you can see in the screenshots below.

11) Alternately, you can search for the String IDs visible in the screengrab. Searching for "93957" is a more precise way to find the correct Sentinel entry, for instance.

12) You can also change the class description text. Searching through the text file for your class name will eventually bring you to the right section, which you may directly edit.

13) After changing the text to whatever you want, save the file.

14) Now back in the TLK Editor, click on the tab named "Create TLK File."

15) Specify the path to the same .xml and .tlk files mentioned earlier and hit "Start!"

16) You're now done. Next time you load up your game, you'll see your modified class name on your Character Sheet, such as my Fury here.

Posted Image

And here's the class description that you can see during character creation:

Posted Image

Bonus Round IV: Unlocking MP Powers for SP!!!

A new method has been discovered that now makes it possible to use every single Multiplayer power in Singleplayer. This opens up the number of character combinations massively and is just a ton of fun to play with.

The following steps will essentially force the SP portion of the game to load MP content, giving you access to MP content (powers primarily, but also things such as weapons).

Ok, here's what you have to do.

1) The first step is to modify the mount.dlc files to force each MP DLC to load during SP. To do this you'll need to use a Hex Editor (such as HxD: http://download.cnet...4-10891068.html) and ME3Explorer.
  • Open up ME3Explorer.
  • Select Tools -> DLC Editor
  • Click on the folder icon.
  • Navigate to this directory and select "default.sfar": Mass Effect 3\\BIOGame\\DLC\\DLC_CON_MP2\\CookedPCConsole
  • You can now expand folders in this file. Open up every folder until you get to "CookedPCConsole."
  • Locate the file named "Mount.dlc". Right-click on the relevant file and choose "Extract". Extracting it to the same directory is fine.
  • Open your hex editor and open "mount.dlc."  Locate offset 0x18 (in HxD, that is column 08, row 00000010).
  • Change the value at this offset to "1C". Save the file.
  • 1C is the same value used in Resurgence, the 1st MP DLC that *does* load in SP.
  • Back in ME3Explorer, right click "mount.dlc" and choose "Replace."  Select the mount.dlc that you have just modified.
  • Save the entire package.
  • Repeat this process for the mount.dlc files in DLC_CON_MP3, MP4 * MP5.
  • With this done, you now have access to powers in MP2 & MP3. To gain access to the powers introduced in the last two MP packs (MP4 & MP5), we'll need to follow a few more steps.
2) To start, we'll need to copy a number of multiplayer character .pcc files into: \\Mass Effect 3\\BIOGame\\CookedPCConsole

To make this easy, I've uploaded an archive with all of these files here:


3) In case these files ever go down, you can always extract the needed files yourself. To do so, open up ME3Explorer. If you've downloaded and extracted the files from step 2, go ahead and skip this step.
  • Select Tools -> DLC Editor
  • Click on the folder icon.
  • Navigate to this director and select "default.sfar": Mass Effect 3\\BIOGame\\DLC\\DLC_CON_MP4\\CookedPCConsole
  • You can now expand folders in this file. Open up every folder until you get to "CookedPCConsole."
  • The only files you're interested in are the character .pcc files. The first one you'll see, for instance, is "Asari_Infiltrator_MP.pcc".
  • Right-click on the relevant file and choose "Extract".
  • Extract the file here: \\Mass Effect 3\\BIOGame\\CookedPCConsole
  • Repeat this for every single character .pcc you find.
  • Click on the folder icon and open default.sfar found here: Mass Effect 3\\BIOGame\\DLC\\DLC_CON_MP5\\CookedPCConsole
  • Repeat the process and you're done.
4) Now we'll need to make some changes to your coalesced.bin file. Open it with your coalesced editor. Navigate to bioengine.ini -> sfxgame -> sfxengine -> dynamicloadmapping. We're now going to place a sample entry on a new line:


You can deduce what we're doing here. We're adding entries that ensure that the powers we want are loaded (also note that the SeekFreePackageName corresponds with the .pcc files you just copied).

5) Each entry you add to "dynamicloadmapping" must have a corresponding entry in: bioengine.ini -> sfxgame -> sfxengine -> sfxuniqueids.  Here's what matches with the above example:


6) Having to look all this stuff up is a bit time consuming, so I've provided a handy text file that tells you exactly what you need to include in your coalesced.bin to have access to every power. Follow the instructions found in this file:


7) Save your coalesced file.

8) And now that you've made all the necessary modifications, download my updated PowersAdd and PowersRemove files. There are important differences from the simpler ones I included earlier in this guide. Remember to copy these here: Mass Effect 3\\Binaries


9) If you open up the files, you'll notice not only a ton of new powers from the MP DLCs, but also a lot of duplicate power entries. For instance, "Barrier" has three different command lines that can be used. This is because each entry is considered a *different* power by the game. When you're making your custom character, you may want to experiment with some of these variants for a few reasons:
  • Some powers have different properties from each other. Tactical Cloak has five versions!  Using the Asari Huntress' variant, for instance, gives different power evolution options than the other ones.
  • In several cases, Bioware used different entries for MP versions of powers. The MP version of Shockwave, for example, is considerably better than the SP version.
  • Very important: as alluded to earlier in the guide, various powers seem to share IDs that conflict with one another. You may attempt to add powers only to find that one or two of them don't show up on your character sheet. Because there are multiple versions of various powers, you may be able to find combinations that work for you.
  • For instance, trying to have Tech Armor and the standard Annihilation Field (sfxgamecontentdlc_con_mp3.sfxpowercustomactionmp_annihilationsphere)  isn't possible due to a conflict. However, if you add one of the variants (SFXGameContentDLC_Shared.SFXPowerCustomActionMP_AnnihilationSphere_Shared), it'll work just fine.
  • Note: Keep in mind that some powers may conflict with one of your class' default powers. Biotic Orbs clashes with Warp, for example. You can get rid of Warp and add Biotic Orbs just fine, but remember that if you save and load your character, you'll likely find your talent points reset and Biotic Orbs missing on your list of powers (you'll need to manually re-add it).  This is an unfortunate annoyance.
10) We're basically done at this point. You can go ahead and load into any SP savegame and begin to add your new MP powers.

As an options, you can always add powers directly by using the in-game console instead of the keybinding files we've worked with earlier.


If you've enabled the in-game console, you can now simply hit ~ and type in your command line and go. Otherwise, use your customized keybinding files.

11) You're now free to use the PowersGive commands to create your new MP-powered character. Enjoy. :)

The majority of the MP powers work quite well. Of the ones I've tested, the following don't work:

Hawk Missile Launcher (doesn't launch missiles)
Biotic Hammer (hammer is a melee attack, which you don't have)
Armor-Piercing Arrows (bow is a melee attack)
Concussive Arrows (bow is a melee attack)Flamer (no damage, no visual effect)
Electrical Hammer (hammer is a melee attack)
Shadow Strike (no damage dealt to target)
Supply Pylon (seems to give out infinite supplies, though it doesn't seem to replenlish grenades)
Phase Disruptor (no visuals, no damage)

And the following work but have visual errors:

Havoc Strike (missing art/effects, but otherwise works)
Snap Freeze (no freeze cone visual, but power works)


Bonus Round V: Full MP Power Access Without Power ID Conflicts

OK, we're almost there. This is effecitvely the last step in the process.  It's technically optional, but in my view it's the most important and finally makes custom characters viable and playable.  

As mentioned in Bonus Round IV, one of the biggest problems with custom power sets are power conflicts due to shared PowerCustomActionIDs. Powers that share IDs can't co-exist at the same time, and many shared IDs exist by default. On top of that, because your class' default power set will reload every time you load a savegame or load a new level, PowerID conflicts will make your powers vanish. This problem is exacerbated by the relatively recent access we got to multiplayer powers, which all use IDs that conflict with default SP powers.

What we're doing in this step is to assign new PowerIDs to all the MP powers. By doing so, we avoid these problems altogether. This step is a long read and may seem complicated, but it's easier than it looks and I highly encourage you all to take it.  Completing this step takes the entire process of custom characters from an interesting curiosity to something that you're actually willing to do full SP playthroughs with.

Introduction to .PCC modification (content provided by Soja57, with modifications by me for this guide)

This section will describe the steps one must take to assign new PowerIDs *if* you're beginning from scratch. In the subsequent section, I'll describe a much easier method. Consider this segment the necessary reference to understand what to do later.

What we're going to do is modify .PCC files and change the ID numbers assigned to specific powers. The .PCC files we care about are contained within specific DLC file packages called "default.sfar".  One exists for every single MP and SP DLC. To extract, edit and replace these files, we must use the old trusty ME3Explorer tool.

As Soja found, we'll want to use different versions for different purposes: the newest build is used to extract and edit PCC files, while an older version is used for modifying/saving DLC .sfar files.  This is because whenever you edit and save DLC sfar files with the latest version, it seems to cause ME3 to crash whenever you load the MP power. Based on our tests, the (2013-03-09) version is safe to use to edit "default.sfar" package files.

1a. Required for Resurgence, Rebellion, and Earth DLC. Skip if you only want powers from Retaliation and Reckoning.

Open up the newest ME3Explorer, and open up the DLC Editor. Open the Default.sfar file of the DLC pack that contains your power (DLC_CON_MP3), and extract the pcc package of the power that you want to edit ("sfxpower_nameofpower.pcc" for DLC_CON_MP2 and 3). For example, I want to add N7 Demolisher passive to my Engineer. So I open up the DLC_CON_MP3, and extract the SFXPower_N7EngineerPassive.

1a. Regarding Retaliation and Reckoning

Since you most likely have already placed the character PCC files of these DLC's into the primary CookedPCConsole folder of the main ME3 directory, you can simply skip to step 2 and use the character package that contains your desired power.

2. Required for all Multiplayer DLC

Open up the PCC Editor 2.0 in ME3Explorer, and load up the pcc package that you extracted/want to edit. On the right window with the tabs Hex Editor, Properties, and Info, change this to Properties so that you can read what's on screen instead of it being in hex code language. On the left window, you can search for a specific line rather than having to look through every line. I recommend you enter in this string for the search bar:


You should see a line that looks similar to this Default__SFXPowerCustomActionMP_NameofPower.
For unique passives like the N7 Demolisher's Grenade Passive, it should look like:


On the right window, you should see a section called IntProperty, and under this is PowerCustomActionID. Change this number to something over 200 (just to be safe), as I'm pretty sure that at that point is where all of the PowerCustomActionID's should be unused. Now that you have changed the PowerID, save the pcc file. For Retaliation and Reckoning, saving the pcc file should be enough, as the pcc file should already be inside the main ME3 CookedPCConsole directory.

3. Required for Resurgence, Rebellion, and Earth DLC.

You may want to use an older version of ME3Explorer for this step, as so far it seems that the newer build causes MP powers to crash whenever you load them. Just a precaution, I'm not sure if this applies for all MP powers. Open up the DLC Editor, and open up the Sfar file of the DLC Pack that contains your power. Right click on the power, and replace it with the new pcc file that you just extracted and edited. Save the sfar file.

4. Required for all DLC.

Run Mass Effect 3, load up a saved game, and add the powers to your character if you haven't already. If you have already added powers to your character before the saved game, the power should already be on your character. For everytime you load a saved game with your new powers, the powers should remain.

The Much, Much, Easier Way to Make These Changes

What I'm providing here is a shortcut.  It's actually a fairly ridiculous amount of work to go through and modify every necessary .PCC file, and to do so without making errors (I made plenty).  Modifying one or two to get access to a specific power you want isn't too bad, but if you want access to every single power, then this will help you.

So again, to be clear, what we're doing here is assigning unique Power IDs to every single MP power in the game. Since powers will no longer share IDs, that means that every single power combination will be possible after these changes. Also, you will never have to deal with powers being reset upon save/load due to conflicts.

First off, go here and download two versions of ME3Explorer:


Again, you want the latest version (2013-05-19) and a slightly older version (2013_03_09).  5-19 is for extracting and modifying .PCC files.  If my steps work, you won't need to use that version at all, but it may be useful to you at one point.  We'll only be using the 3-9 version to repack various default.sfar DLC files.

1. Download the updated .PCC files here: ME_MPPower_PCC.zip

2. Extract these files here: \\Program Files (x86)\\Mass Effect 3\\BIOGame\\CookedPCConsole

3. Download this text file: DLC_Mod_Instructions.txt

4. This text file gives a list of all the .PCC files that you've just copied into your CookedPCConsole directory. Each DLC you have contains a file called "default.sfar."  You'll need to open that using ME3Explorer and replace the default .PCCs with the ones I updated for you.

5. This text file identifies which .PCC files go into each default.sfar package. For example, the first MP DLC, Resurgence, has its "default.sfar" package here: 

\\Program Files (x86)\\Mass Effect 3\\BIOGame\\DLC\\DLC_CON_MP1\\CookedPCConsole\\Default.sfar. 

 I've listed all the locations in the text file.

6. *Back up each and every default.sfar file that you're going to modify. This is critical!

7. As Soja indicated above, you need to open ME3Explorer, select the DLC Editor tool and then open the .sfar file inidcated in the instructions.  Expand the folders down to the "CookedPCConsole" level and locate the items on my list. The first one for Resurgence is "AsariCommando_Adept_MP".  Right click on that file and choose "Replace."  You'll then have to select the AsariCommando_Adept_MP.pcc file that I've modified for you.

8. To make this step faster, you can also extract an extra copy of the ME_MPPower_PCC.zip into a new, empty directory. This will make finding and selecting the right .pcc easier.

9. After you've replaced every .PCC file indicated in my instructions for the particular DLC, save the default.sfar package.

10. Repeat these steps for every DLC that you own.

11. Download this file: HowToAddMPPowers.txt

12. This text file contains all of the lines you'll need to copy into your coalesced.bin file.  Instructions are within the file.  For your purposes, you'll want to copy over all the entries.

13. If you don't own some of the SP DLC on the list, then don't copy those entries over.

14. Save your coaelsced file. 

15. Since you've modified your .sfar files, you'll need a way to bypass the normal DLC authorization process at the beginning of the game. The best method I know about may be found here:

16. As the first post indicates, you'll want to download the files here: 

17. Again, stealing from the instructions:
Put these in the same folder as MassEffect3.exe:
LauncherWV_Console.exe -enables ingame console
LauncherWV_DLC.exe -disables DLC check
LauncherWV_DLC_Console.exe -does both

-if you want to use for example texmod, or want to patch me3 AFTER it started use these
PatcherWV_Console.exe -enables ingame console
PatcherWV_DLC.exe -disables DLC check
PatcherWV_DLC_Console.exe -does both

18. I typically use "LauncherWV_DLC_Console.exe to launch the game. Congrats, you're done!  You now have unrestricted access to all powers in the game.

Ok, some important info to keep in mind:

You can't really play MP while using your modified .sfar files (this is why keeping a backup is very important). While you can join matches and play, you'll find that certain powers won't work due to the modifications we've made. All you'll need to do is rename your modified.sfar files and restore the backups you made and you should be able to play MP just fine (you should only need to do this for the MP DLC, not the SP DLCs if you modified them).  If anyone would like to make a handy batch file to do this easily, please do!  Or maybe I'll look up how they're made and include it later.

Another thing. Because modifying all these .PCC files and coalesced entries is a very error-prone process, it's possible that I goofed and made some errors somewhere.  I did a thorough check of all the powers, but in case something is borked, you may find it useful to reference this file:


This is a spreadsheet that does two things: 1) The first sheet lists all the default PowerCustomActionID assignments and shows which powers share IDs and thus have conflicts. 2) The second sheet lists all the MP powers and their new ID assignments.

If you ever find yourself modifying .PCC files yourself, that spreadsheet may prove useful.  As indicated in it, there are only two known conflicts that I haven't been able to resolve (but you can easily work around them):

1. Shockwave conflicts with Flamer despite my .pcc file changes.  This ultimately isn't a problem, though, as you can easily use the "Flamer_Shared" power instead if you run into a conflict.

2. Tactical Scan ("damping") conflicts with Carnage for mysterious reasons. As with Flamer, you can simply use "Damping_Shared" if you run into a conflict.

If you guys ever run into what appears to be a power conflict (you are unable to add a power to your character), let me know and I'll investigate it if I have time.

One last note. There are a number of MP variants of SP powers (mp_singularity vs singularity, for example). These MP variants are the only powers that can't exist simultaneously at all times. If you want any of these shared powers on your character, you have to choose one or the other. In the vast majority of cases, this won't be an issue you'll run into. As for why they can't co-exist, it appears to be because these mp_* powers don't have unique PowerCustomActionIDs and simply share the ID assigned to the corresponding SP power. If anyone figures out a way to get around this, let us know!

While it would be nice to fix a few more things (like the mp_* power problem, or finding a way to change a class' default power set), for all intents and purposes, custom SP characters are now fully viable, convenient and playable. 


Thanks to the hard work and experimentation by folks like TankMaster, Cheez48, Soja57, we've overcome the biggest hurdles and can now create characters with access to all ME3 powers. Congrats, everyone!  

I hope this guide helps to clarify the process behind creating custom classes and makes it all quick and easy. Be sure to thank all the tool creators, as it’s all their hard work that makes this possible (especially user2929, who developed the keybindings tools and researched the hell out of all the console commands). 

If you guys have any additional tips, please do share and I’ll update the directions accordingly. Also, if you create any cool custom classes that you’d like to share, post us your build and let us know why you think it’s fun or interesting. There's a wide range of possibilities to explore!

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Doing stuff like this is almost enough for me to go and get ME3 for the PC. I've always wanted to play using all six of the class-specific powers to see how they would mesh together.
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Shame you can't get Geth Turret with Sentry Turret, I would've loved that for the Engineer. I support this even though I'm not playing on PC and while I'd love for Bioware to release the MP powers in SP I think that ship has sailed long ago.
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This is pretty cool, and opens up for many great builds. I'm going to experiment with this and see what I can come up with.

Since you can do this with Shepard, is it possible to this with squadmates as well? For example, switching out one of Tali's powers for Defense Matrix?


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Could have sworn I saw someone's shepherd using smash from the 2nd MP dlc. Oh well:(


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Something to look forward to when I get my pc copy.
Finally, i will have a shepard with EVERY SINGLE GRENADE POWER!


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I found an error in the guide. For this section:


a. Edit Coalesced.bin and add extra keybindings to separate out the console command text files for better control. Navigate to Biogame.ini -> bioinput.ini -> sfxgame -> sfxgamemodebase -> bindings = (multiple) and do the following:

Add: ( Name="F11", Command="Exec KM_PowersRemove.txt" )
Add: ( Name="F10", Command="Exec KM_PowersGive.txt" )
Add: ( Name="F9", Command="Exec KM_PowersReset.txt" )"


The underscores in the above lines are incorrect and would have resulted in non-functioning key bindings. What you should actually add is:

Add: ( Name="F11", Command="Exec KMPowersRemove.txt" )
Add: ( Name="F10", Command="Exec KMPowersGive.txt" )
Add: ( Name="F9", Command="Exec KMPowersReset.txt" )

I've updated the guide to prevent any confusion for new readers.

Edited by Gaw_Damnit, 11 March 2013 - 04:59 AM.


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When I hit open on the coalesced, I can't find a CookedPCC filed in my BIOgame section. What gives?


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That's very strange. You should find the folder here:

\\Program Files (x86)\\Origin Games\\Mass Effect 3\\BIOGame\\CookedPCConsole

If not, it's possible that you moved your installation to another directory.


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Gaw_Damnit wrote...

That's very strange. You should find the folder here:

Program Files (x86)Origin GamesMass Effect 3BIOGameCookedPCConsole

If not, it's possible that you moved your installation to another directory.

Okay, this is very, very, very strange.

I've apparently been looking in my bioware -> mass effect 3 folder the entire time. I thought that was the issue.

I look in my Origin games file, and apprently its empty.

The hell?


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Thanks Gaw for this guide. Have you had any luck adding the post resurgance dlc powers yet. Ive been mucking around with me3 explorer and having no luck in trying to get them to work in me3. Ideas?


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I'm looking through the KMPowersGive.txt file and I don't see any item in there for Hunter Mode. Is there a comprehensive list of the power names in game to add to this file? For example, the name for Lash appears to be "sfxgamecontentdlc_exp_pack002.sfxpowercustomaction_arialash". I assume there is something similar for Hunter Mode.

Thanks for posting this, ironically this solves a problem I've had where I want to remove some engineer powers because I don't like them and don't want them cluttering up my screen. It appeals to my sense of fairness to replace them with some powers that I really like from multiplayer.


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Aha! Found it. They are contained in the full list of all console commands.

You can find it here: http://social.bioware.com/project/8334


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givepower self sfxgamecontentdlc_con_mp1.sfxpowercustomactionmp_supercharge

That should be Hunter Mode, in case you're still looking for it.


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Regarding post-Resurgance powers - Bioware appears to have blocked access to MP DLC content somehow. I haven't done any truly technical exploration of this stuff - I'm mostly just using the tools and information that others have gathered.

If it is possible to access that content, we'll need coding assistance - something that is outside my area of expertise.


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If they have anything that's necessary server side it will be impossible, unfortunately.


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So far this seems to work. One little glitch that crops up is that when you hit F12 to get rid of bonus powers, your added powers that you aren't supposed to have reset to level 1 and you get progress points back. You have to re-add points to these powers after leveling up or loading a save.


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UPDATE: Sorry, I misread your post. Did you separate out the commands?  I suggest at the end of the guide to bind each text file individually.  For instance, instead of hitting F12 to run KMPowersRemove, KMPowersGive, KMPowersReset, bind F12 = KMPowersRemove, F11 = KMPowersGive, F10 = KMPowersReset.

After your initial character setup, every time you load a savegame or change levels, you'll only need to hit F12 (and that's just for comestic purposes in most cases, to clean up your character sheet).


Hey DaveT, that shouldn't be the case. Check your KMPowersRemove.txt file and make sure that you are only removing the powers that you need to remove.

The only time you need to rank up your powers is after loading the game for the first time. After that, as long as you don't quite the game, loading savegames and entering area transitions should preserve all the points in your abilities.

Edited by Gaw_Damnit, 12 March 2013 - 04:37 AM.


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Just updated the original post with instructions on how to modify your class name.

Incidentally, the new example class is a lot of fun.

  • Overload
  • Tactical Cloak
  • Defense Matrix
  • Reave
  • Nova
  • Shockwave
  • "Bonus" Power: Inferno Grenade
This guy is meant to be a close-ranged powerhouse that is a combination of Vanguard and Infiltrator abilities, able to inflict massive damage before beating a hasty retreat. He has the ability to set off both Biotic and Tech Combos and can do them in a single attack, but runs the risk of being detected at close range with depleted shields (thanks to Nova). It's a high-risk build (particularly on Insanity, where enemies will shoot a cloaked Shepard anyway) but is tremendously rewarding because, when you do things right, you create a beautiful symphony of destruction.

There's a lot of power synergy at your disposal:

Nova + Defense Matrix (refills shield after Nova usage, also allows for additional Nova strikes).

Biotic Detonations (close range only)

Reave + Shockwave
Reave + Nova

Tech Bursts (close range only)

Overload + Shockwave
Overload + Nova

Fire Detonations (primarily at close-range)

Inferno Greande + Shockwave
Inferno Grenade + Nova
Inferno Grenade + Overload

While you could spam Inferno Grenades + Overload (set to strike 3 targets) at range to trigger multiple fire explosions, you're better off saving them for dangerous situations up close. Being the master (and violent) assassin that she is, this Sentinel excels at quickly killing dangerous enemies when any other option means death.  This is because she can set off a maximum of *four* combo detonations before decloaking with a properly-evolved build.

Say, for example, you're surrounded by 2 banshees, 2 brutes and 2 ravagers. That's pretty much a gauranteed instant death unless you can pull some heroic badassery right then and there.  Player cloaks.

Specific evolution traits for my build:
  • Tactical Cloak evolved to permit 1 fired power before decloak and for damage increase.
  • Nova functions as grenade power and *doesn't* trigger player decloaking. Evolved to drain only 50% of shields, so may be fired twice.
  • Defense Matrix evolved to restore 100% of shields. Using this permits 4 Novas to be fired in succession before player decloaks.
  • Reave evolved to strike a 3-meter radius (and thus affect multiple targets).
So what happens after the player cloaks in this situation?

1. Immediately cast Reave to prime as many enemies as possible.
2. Toss an Inferno Grenade immediately after. Targets are now primed for both Biotic and Fire Explosions.
3. Run in and Nova the group. Fire explosions will be the first to trigger on most targets.
4. Immediately follow this with a second Nova. This will trigger biotic explosions on the remaining targets.
5. Shields have now been depleted. Disarchage Defense Matrix to restore your shields.
6. With your shields restored, throw another Inferno Grenade and follow through with another Nova to trigger Fire Explosions.
7. Cast Reave on any last survivors. This will decloak the player, so positining is key. Immediately after targets have been Reaved, follow through with one last Nova strike as the cloak collapses.
8. After the last Biotic explosion clears, run on past the corpses on the floor and find a safe spot for your depleted shields to recharge.

Going through a sequence like that feels *awesome*. The player is limited by the number of Inferno Grenades carried, so this can't be done over and over.  But man... don't back the Fury into a corner!

I'm considering starting this build at Level 1 for an Insanity run. It'll be very challenging in the beginning, but will steadily build into a powerhouse.

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Ah! I see where the problem is, I didn't RTFM. I was testing this out last night, and was in a bit of a rush. I'll give it another try, I switched back because I thought I would be reworking powers constantly (and in the process picking up extra skill points I hadn't earned).

Hunter mode is just such a good power, though it makes the cut scenes really odd. It's a good idea to shut it off before you start one.


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I've got to say this is about the most exciting thing I've seen for ME3 in a long time. BW really missed an opportunity not including the ability to create a custom class. That was the main draw of the old Asheron's Call MMRPG, you could create any power combination you wanted.


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I've followed the entire guide to a tee, made sure everything looks like it does in the screenshots, but when I load up my game and hit F12, nothing happens. And I followed the exact guide for the Sentinel Commando, though I didn't do the coalesced stuff and change the base class because he's already a Sentinel.

But yeah. What gives here?


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E_rik, did you do this part?

1) After you’ve downloaded the Coalesced Utility, open it and select File -> Open. Point the tool towards your ME3 Coalesced .bin file located here:

    \\Program Files (x86)\\Mass Effect 3\\BIOGame\\CookedPCConsole

    * BACK UP YOUR “Coalesced.bin” FILE NOW.

    NOTE: All paths specified in this guide are for a 64-bit install of Windows 7. Please know that the install locations *may* be different depending on your version.

2) Navigate to the following list:

    Biogame.ini -> bioinput.ini -> sfxgame -> sfxgamemodebase -> bindings = (multiple)

3) You’ll now see a list of bindings that you may correctly surmise map to basic player actions. Scroll to the bottom of the list and add the following entry:

    ( Name="F12", Command="Exec KM_PresetMANAGER.txt" )

Just checking. If you didn't add this entry to coalesced.bin, then F12 won't execute anything.

I actually had a problem getting keybindings like this one firing a few days ago and things looked pretty strange for a while. I eventually got it working and it was likely due to me incorrectly typing in the entries, but I couldn't verify the exact problem.

If you can't get past this problem, you can still execute the same commands via the in-game console. You'll have to hex-edit the main executable (fairly simple change). After that, you can bring down the console by pressing "~".  Here are the instructions from the Mass Ffect Wiki:


In that console, you can execute the same commands in your PowersRemove/PowersGive.txt files.  Just input each line individually and you'll remove and add powers.


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Really excited to give this a try :D Thanks for the great guide!


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Here is what is giving me a problem. I've separated out the commands into F10, F11, etc...

I reassign my powers, everything is great. I have no points assigned, all my new powers in place and all the powers I don't want are gone. I have the proper number of points to spend at level 36; 60.

I save the game a reload it. All the base powers comeback, so I hit F11 to remove them. I go and check my powers and they are all there with the proper number of levels up. But now I've 87 new points to spend. If I quit the game and reload, then hit F11 and F10, then my added powers lose all the points I put into them and I have 77 points to spend, despite the original powers still having all their points distributed.

What I can't seem to get to stop is for the game to stop giving me bonus points.

I mean getting to use Hunter Mode is enough of a cheat, without also getting to max all my powers at level 36.

Until I can get this figured out, I'm going to just use the base engineer set and not use a custom class.


Actually 60 points was the wrong amount, it should have been 85.

Edited by DaveT, 12 March 2013 - 11:08 PM.