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Is EA's Origin the Antichrist?

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Six days and seven nights has this thought haunted me. I know all too well those who will believe, or indeed even  listen,  me are few. Yet, for fear of my immortal soul I can't hold silence longer  than I already have. Soon it is time for me to tear away the remaining fragments of sanity as if mind were but an aching  tooth I seek to be rid of.  I pray " At least I tried to tell them" is last coherent thought my haunted mind manages to piece together before escaping in the merciful, murky waters of insanity.  So I shall try.

Not too long ago I was like you. Blissfully and firmly believing EA was but an evil international mega-corporation among others, surely no stranger to grim sins such as Dragon Age 2 or dropping PC's NHL series but in general, no more evil than BP or Blackwater.  Then I ran into this Rock Paper Shotgun article Immediately and in all her terrible magnificence, the truth exposed itself before me. 
..:Which brings us to the TL;DR part! EA's Origin is the anti-Christ. If you have doubts...Check out what Daniel had to say.

Daniel 7:24

"The ten horns are ten kings who shall arise from this kingdom
And another shall rise after them; he (the Antichrist) shall be different from the first ones,
and shall subdue three kings "   

 Piece by piece the nightmarish picture became clearer and clearer still.  For longest of time, only thing that kept my investigation  going was a lingering,  desperate hope of discovering something that would allow me to believe I am but fool. Some detail, or piece of puzzle so mismatched it'd proove my fears  were naught but meaningless drivel and paranoia. Alas, this mercy was never granted. With terrifying inevitability, each piece fits and complements the whole.

Ten kings mentioned in Daniel 7:24  of course refers to other similar digital distribution channels we have already seen.  Steam, GoG, Direct2Drive,Gamer's Gate,Impulse,Adventureshop,Games for windows and the online stores of the three consoles.   Of course, "another" who shall arise after them, being different from first ones is the Origin. Subduing three kings part is something we have yet to see. Perhaps Origin devours and swallows few lesser channels, such as DirectToDrive&co? Or does it suggest Origin slithers as essential part of Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo online stores, like some unholy parasite? We shall see. 

Most horrifying thing here is how you don't have to SEARCH for evidence from Book of Revelations; merely glancing through it makes it impossible to avoid the evidence.
and on his heads a blasphemous name...The dragon gave him his power, his throne, and great authority."
(Revelation 13:1,2)
Above segment clearly speaks of the recently ignited  Origin vs Steam clash where pulling DA II from steam was among first visible signs of something having gone wrong between EA and Steam.  Blasphemous name is not all that subtle commentary to what DA II did to the franchise DA:O began.

Thoughts, comments, questions?

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