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Dragon Age Keep FAQs

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Dragon Age: Inquisition


How do I get my world state from the Keep into the game? 

For a list of step-by-step instructions, check out our comprehensive guide to exporting your world state. You can also use the Keep to double check that you've exported your world state correctly, and here's how


I've finished my playthrough of Inquisition. If I export a different world state to use in a new game, will that mess up my previous playthrough? 

Exporting another world state for use in a new game won't have any effect on previous games. You can even have multiple games going at the same time based on different world states. Just make sure you've saved your existing game before starting a new one. 


Will my Dragon Age: Inquisition playthrough decisions be directly imported into the Keep, or will I have to go back and select them again?

If you are online while playing Dragon Age: Inquisition (or the next time you go online), your story choices will be sent to the Keep.


Do I need to use the Keep before playing Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Visiting the Keep is not mandatory before playing Inquisition. There is a default World State in the game that will load if you haven’t exported one from the Keep. But if you would like Inquisition to reflect your existing Dragon Age universe, it is recommended you visit the Keep first.


Does every choice in the Keep impact Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Not every choice will impact your playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition. However, this means we can accommodate importing for future Dragon Age titles. 


I can't import my world state due to 'Family Settings' (Xbox only). How do I fix this?

Please check your privacy setting and make sure that the "Share outside of Xbox Live" setting is turned on. Then go through the new game start again and you should be able to import your world state from the Keep.


Using the DA Keep: Tech Specs


Are there any browser requirements for the Keep?

The Keep works for most modern browsers. However, we do recommend visiting the site using Chrome on your desktop computer for your first time visit, as it seems to work best there. Please see this page for a full list of supported browsers and devices. 


Is there a way to access the Keep offline?

Unfortunately not. However, you don’t have to be online for very long to create your World State and upload it to Dragon Age: Inquisition. Once that’s complete, you can disconnect from the internet and start playing the game. 


Will the Keep work on tablet and other mobile devices?

Yes! You can take the Keep with you on the go for instant world state creation and changes.


I'm having trouble accessing the Keep due to errors or other technical issues, what can I do? 

Please give our troubleshooting steps a try, which you can find here. If those don't work, tweet us @DragonAgeKeep


Saves and World States

Will I be able to directly import saves into the Keep?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to directly import saves from DAO or DA2. However, over 300 choices are accounted for in the Keep, so you’ll be able to recreate your Dragon Age universe down to the details.


What about if I played all Dragon Age games/DLCs on the same platform?

It still won’t direct import. But, if you played different Dragon Age games or DLCs on different platforms then the intention is for the Keep to recognize that regardless of how/where/what/when you played. However, you do not need to have played the DLCs to set any choices on Keep related to them.


How will Dragon Age: Inquisition know what choices I have made in the Keep?

There is a World State Manager in the Keep that allows you to mark a World State for import into Inquisition with the click of a button. When you start a new game in Dragon Age: Inquisition you will then have an option to import from Keep. It’s that easy!  


Can I have more than one world state?

Yes, you can create and save up to 10 unique world states in the Keep. So for example, if you want to create a Darkest Timeline where everyone dies, you can.


Are there explanations/context for choices?

Yes, there will be some information available to help newcomers or to jog your memory when making a choice in the Keep. If you click on the '?' button for each choice, it will provide context and let you know what happened in that particular plot. But if you'd like some more information than what the context provides, here are some great resources to check out: 

Can I share my world states with people not on my Friends List?
You'll have to add a friend first to share your world state with them. If you've set up your world state on one Origin account and you'd like to use another, you can use the sharing feature in the Keep to move your world state to a new account. Please see the instructions here.


Your Heroes

Is there a character creator?

Sadly not. The Keep will attempt to recognize your Wardens and Hawkes from previous playthroughs so they can be reflected as part of your history, but you won’t be able to edit appearances or customize new characters. 


Wait, so I’ll be able to see my Wardens and Hawkes in the Keep? 

Yes, but it’s only a 2D image that is uploaded to the site to act as an avatar for your hero. No other character data is imported into the Keep. We should mention that importing your custom Warden or Hawke will not have any impact on Inquisition. You can switch from one of the defaults in the Keep to your custom Warden or Hawke at anytime.


Will the Keep take classes/specializations into account for my hero?

Classes, race, gender, and origin story are taken into account for your hero, yes. However, specializations are not. As the Keep continues to grow and evolve, it may be something added in the future, but currently its focus is on hero data that impacts the world choices.


Why are my heroes/accomplishments not showing up?
We're working hard to smooth out any remaining issues with the syncing feature. For more information, check out the 'how to' post


Other Keep Questions


Do I have to pay to use the Keep?

The Keep is online only and is free for everyone. All you need is an EA (formerly Origin) account ID to log in.



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