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Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch Master Thread

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Update: Upcoming Patch 3 for PC


In the upcoming Patch 3 for Dragon Age: Inquisition, our primary focus was on fixing bugs, particularly ones that blocked progression or hampered the player experience.

Based on feedback from our players, we tweaked the banter system to be less random in order to prevent extra-long periods of silence. We fixed quest blockers in the personal quests of Dorian and Sera as well as a spawning issue in Solas’s personal quest (I won’t elaborate to avoid light spoilers).

We targeted several issues in multiplayer, fixing the case that caused keys to not drop, as well as fixing issues with the Reaver’s rampage ability. There were also some balance changes, including tweaks to the Demon Commander and the Strength of Spirits ability to make it more useful.

We added some much-requested features, including key binding that allows walking for PC and push-to-talk functionality in the multiplayer end of match summary and armor upgrade menus. We also added a new multiplayer Destruction route, and players can now challenge themselves in the fiery Elven Ruins.

You can find a comprehensive list of the upcoming fixes in Patch 3 for PC below. We’ll release more information on patches for consoles in the future, so stay tuned for more updates.

We continue to listen to feedback from our players, and we thank everyone for working with us to create an even better Dragon Age experience.

For patch notes in other languages, click here 


Dragon Age™: Inquisition 1.03


From a development standpoint, Patch 3 was a small, bug-fix only patch to address some high-frequency issues affecting the majority of our players.


Added key binding that allows players to walk.

Added mouse cursor scaling.

Fixed issue that could result in the mouse getting stuck in mouse-look mode when players alt-tabbed out of the game in full-screen mode.

Fixed display bars to correctly reflect items that alter maximum health.


Changed party banter system to be less random to prevent extra-long periods where no conversations would occur.

Fixed issue that could result in one of Dorian’s conversations not being available for some players.

Fixed issue that could result in a cutscene not firing for Dorian’s plot when players enter the Gull and Lantern.

Fixed issue that could result in Sera’s Verchiel plot being broken.

Fixed issue with the demon that could spawn during Solas’s personal quest.

Changed Tactical Camera so that it no longer re-centers when the player changes party members.

Fixed exploit that allowed for infinite influence.

Fixed issue that allowed players to exploit their gold value in single-player mode.

Fixed allied mage AI so they did not dispel targets that the player had frozen.

Fixed issue that caused the bar displaying armor rating to not update correctly for crafted gear.

Fixed issue that caused extra potions granted by items to be lost when players return to Skyhold.

Fixed issue that caused Mind Blast’s upgrade, Fortifying Blast, to not provide additional barrier.

Fixed issue that could result in the opt-in conversation UI continuing to be displayed if players opted out very quickly as the UI was starting to be displayed.

Fixed issue that could result in the world map being permanently displayed in the Storm Coast.

Fixed issue that could result in being unable to switch party members after looting.

Fixed issue that could result in party members not following orders to revive a party member in Tactical Camera mode.

Fixed issue that could result in people being unable to discover all the regions in the Exalted Plains.

Fixed issue that could cause dragons to become unresponsive.

Fixed issue that would cause dragons to freeze during their roar.

Fixed issue that could cause some conversations to be “hitchy.”

Fixed issue that could cause Varric’s legs to do odd things in some opt-in conversations.

Fixed Masterwork Prowler Armor so it no longer distorts on certain characters.

Fixed issue that could cause Harmon to disappear in certain circumstances.

Fixed a few non-herb crafting materials that were showing up in the Herbs section of the inventory. They are now correctly in the Other section.


Enabled push-to-talk functionality in the multiplayer end of match screen.

Enabled push-to-talk in the multiplayer armor upgrade menu.

Fixed issue where changing multiplayer match settings would take effect without confirming changes.

Fixed issue that could result in players entering multiplayer matches without any mapped abilities in certain circumstances.

Fixed case that could cause keys to not drop in multiplayer mode.

Fixed issue that would cause the potion mapped to the first slot to also be used when pushing the 9 key in multiplayer mode.

Fixed issue that would cause the camera to spin at the end of a multiplayer match and not display the end of match screen.

Fixed issue in multiplayer mode that would result in the healing portion of Rampage to stop working in certain circumstances.

Tuned Strength of Spirits to be more useful in multiplayer mode.

Tweaked the balance of the Demon Commander in multiplayer mode.

Fixed issue that could result in items not displaying their cards when chests are opened in multiplayer mode.

Fixed issue that could cause pots to respawn in certain circumstances in multiplayer mode.


Update: Patch 2 now live on Xbox One


Patch 2 Hotfix now live for PC

We have implemented a hotfix for Patch 2 on PC to address graphical issues our players have been experiencing. This fix ensures that the graphics settings are working correctly for everyone; however, players who are using lower graphics settings will notice changes to the visuals they are used to.


Before Patch 2, released December 9, shader quality for all PC users was being forced to run at Ultra. This impacted the performance of low-end machines and caused some unintended visual artifacts for users whose mesh quality was set lower than Ultra. As a result, users with Low or Medium mesh settings saw hair that was shinier than expected.


We attempted to address this in Patch 2 by binding the two settings so that mesh and shader quality were always the same. However, this fix wasn't properly implemented, and it forced shader quality to Low. We provided a command-line workaround Tuesday, but that still required players to ensure that the new shader quality matched their mesh settings.


This hotfix will correctly bind the mesh and shader settings and eliminate this issue. However, now that shader quality is being set correctly for everyone, players using lower settings will notice a decrease in the quality of visuals. This includes the removal of some features such as scars and freckles.


Most notably, the lower settings do not support blending of the age layer, so some users may notice that their Inquisitor (or custom Hawke) has aged considerably. And while this change is how it was originally intended to work, it could be understandably frustrating for people who created their characters before Patch 2.


If you would like to correct this change, you can set your mesh quality to High or Ultra. This will enable features that are disabled on lower settings, but may impact your framerate and performance.


We're sorry for any stress or confusion this may have caused, and we thank the community for helping us quickly identify and address this issue.




We're working on getting a hot fix out for the PC graphics issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, here is a workaround you can try:


To start, make sure the quality setting you choose is equal to the setting set for Mesh Quality inside Options>Graphics


You will need to add a new command line parameter. To do this:


Through Origin:

  1. Right click on the Dragon Age Inquisition title
  2. Go to game properties
  3. Type the command line parameter in the Command Line Properties box.

Through shortcut:

  1. Right Click Shortcut
  2. Go to Properties
  3. Under target go to the end of the field and type the command line parameter into the box

Once there, add the following command line parameter: -ShaderSystem.ShaderQualityLevel <quality setting>

In this instance, <quality setting> should be one of the following:

  • Ultra
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

An example of how to set your quality to high would be: -ShaderSystem.ShaderQualityLevel High


Please note that once the hot fix is out, you will need to go back in and remove this workaround from your command line.


It’s also important to note that pre-patch 2, all users on PC were being forced to use the Ultra shader quality. This means that those of you playing on lower settings will notice a decrease in quality, particularly players using low or medium settings.

To achieve the same visuals as pre-patch, users on lower settings will need to change their settings to Ultra, which should likewise be used in conjunction with Ultra mesh quality. Mismatching the mesh and shader settings will result in other visual artifacts like overly shiny hair.

Please be aware that changing settings to Ultra may impact performance on some machines.


Sorry about any frustration this may have caused.



Patch 2 notes are now live



We have a patch for PC coming out today to address some of the issues players have been having. Here’s a list of the upcoming changes:

Release date: December 9, 2014


  • Fixed case where game would incorrectly think the player has more than one race/class/gender
  • Fixed case where users who changed their voice off of default, would have their voice set back to default when interacting with Hawke’s chargen settings.
  • Increased duration that search highlights things, and added highlighted items to radar while they are highlighted.
  • Fixed several conversation lines which would take a very long time to advance to the next line unless they were manually skipped.
  • Fixed case where followers could float above the ground after extended periods of play
  • [PC] Fixed some hitching in conversations.
  • [PC] Pressing the interact key (default “F”) will take everything from containers.
  • [PC] Hair should be less shiny on lower quality settings.
  • [PC] Improved push-to-talk functionality when using keyboard and mouse
  • [PC] Added ability to rotate character models with the mouse in UI’s that show character models
  • [PC] Added an option to enable / disable tactical camera on mouse wheel scroll out.
  • [PC] Hiding the HUD on the PC will now hide all UI elements
  • [PC] Fixed being able to drag abilities from a tree that was not selected onto the quickbar
  • [PC] Fixed being able to toggle UI state for the tactical camera on the quickbar when the tactical camera is unusable
  • [PC] Fixed case where clicking quickbar elements in Eyefinity would trigger attacks
  • [PC] fixed case where extra mouse-up events were triggering in UIs
  • [PC] Fixed issue where mouse-up events were missed when dragging off of UI elements and then releasing the mouse button
  • [PC] Fixed loading Icon not animating while Mantle creates shaders during load screens.
  • [PC] Fixed mouse cursor flashing while targeting AOEs
  • [PC] Fixed situation that could result in a hang on the start menu.
  • [PC] Fixed situation where war table could become non-interactive until users right clicked on it.
  • [PC] Fixed situation which could cause mouse-look to snap to a facing rather than turning smoothly
  • [PC] Holding right click and pressing the camera turn buttons in tactical camera will cause the cursor to strafe in the same manner the camera behaves outside tactical camera
  • [PC] Made some changes that should improve Mantle performance
  • [PC] quickbar indicator for pause state should no longer remain highlighted when game is not paused
  • [PS3] Increased number of save slots to 30
  • [PS4] Improved conversation performance during fast install
  • [PS4] Increased number of save slots to 50
  • [360] Fixed case where movies sometimes decoded incorrectly
  • [360] Fixed Crash when selecting storage device when select storage device warning is present
  • [360] Fixed the online connection error being displayed twice when attempting to login to Origin with no Xbox live connection.
  • Assorted stability improvements
  • Fixed crash that could occur after some conversations
  • Certain boss creatures are now immune to Disruption Field
  • Creatures in rag doll will now pause when the game is paused
  • Fix to Spirit Blade so it longer triggers combos
  • Fixed a couple focus abilities to be weapon agnostic
  • Fixed a few DA Keep world state import reactivity checks.
  • Fixed a few situations that could result in there being no conversation selection indicator during conversations
  • Fixed an issue caused by changing characters at the same as targeting an AOE ability
  • Fixed Audio cutting out when using AOE abilities while radial menu is open.
  • Fixed being unable to finish quest “Safe Keeping” if the user places key fragments in the forger, then leaves the zone without getting the finished key.
  • Fixed camera shaking when making small camera adjustments during character creation
  • Fixed case where blizzard would pause the game when it turns off
  • Fixed case where controller rumble would get permanently disabled
  • Fixed case where Imshael could end up in a location where players could not fight him.
  • Fixed case where interaction text would not update in tactical camera
  • Fixed case where mana or stamina was incorrectly displayed on mounted character’s portraits
  • Fixed case where users could get stuck loading a save in a certain dragon combat area
  • Fixed case where users could get stuck on an infinite “Connecting to Dragon Age Servers”
  • Fixed Crippling Blows to have a 15% damage bonus instead of .15%
  • Fixed Cullen’s hair having some strange shadows during cinematics
  • Fixed exploit that would allow bypassing ability cool-downs in certain circumstances
  • Fixed exploit that would allow users to take no damage.
  • Fixed issue where orders to interact with trebuchets made in tactical mode were un-interruptable.
  • Fixed issue where user loses control of the party if he enters tactical camera at the same time as a cinematic triggers
  • Fixed issue which could cause potion counts to be reset due to party member changes.
  • Fixed issue which could result in an infinite “Connecting to Dragon Age Servers” on the main menu.
  • Fixed issue which could result in the Radial menu not staying open
  • Fixed issue which could result in the screen re-sizing UI to stop working until exiting and re-entering the screen re-sizing UI.
  • Fixed scripted autosave in the western approach which was made which if loaded could result in certain NPCs to not show up until after leaving the area and coming back.
  • Fixed situation where followers could get stuck while pathfinding to the player.
  • Fixed some of the collectible books being non-interactive in Skyhold
  • Fixed slot types on several crafted items
  • Fixed some item names getting cut off in stores
  • Fixed weapon type on several crafted weapon parts.
  • Ground rings scale on Dragons in Tactical Camera
  • Radar will be shown during radar tutorial, even if the UI is set to be hidden
  • Radar will show way points immediately after coming out of UIs, no longer requires player to move first.
  • Target lock is cleared when entering tactical mode.
  • Unified sort order for stat listings during item modification



  • Fixed issue which could result in negative XP being granted in some multiplayer matches
  • Fixed crash that could occur while switching characters in some multiplayer menus
  • Cursed chests in multiplayer no longer look different from un-cursed ones
  • Fixed some missing information on end of match screens when servers are slow in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed Players losing their ability to target when dying while recovering object in multiplayer
  • Fixed situation where host migration after end of match would fail to show end of match details for the remaining players
  • Fixed issue with players being interrupted while interacting with objects in Multiplayer
  • Fixed issue where host can be returned to an empty lobby after quitting out of a match while in the operation failed state
  • Improved appearance of ledge drop-downs in multiplayer.
  • Fixed case which could cause keys to not drop in Multiplayer
  • Fixed case in Multiplayer where players could attempt to use abilities while dead.


Patch notes in other languages are available here



From Scylla Costa, producer on Dragon Age: Inquisition


Hi everyone,


On November 18, we released Dragon Age: Inquisition to the world. Since then, the team has listened to feedback and is working towards the first of an ongoing series of patches and feature/content updates in an effort to support your DAI experience.

As a live service, we wanted to let you know about our strategy moving forward. Here’s a brief outline of two initiatives we’re working on, in order of priority.

Priority 1 – Patches

We’re committed to providing long-term gameplay and stability improvements. We have already released a Day 1 Patch, and in December we will release our second patch. We expect the patch to roll out on PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360 on December 9, 2014. We are working hard to get Patch 2 out on Xbox One as soon as possible.

Patch 2 is focused on stability, but does include numerous improvements and fixes across the board. Full patch notes will be available soon, but generally Patch 2 includes fixes to:

  • Stability – Various crashes, freezes, audio/voice glitches, and many stability improvements.
  • Gameplay – Conversations, quests, plot states, combat, UI, camera, controls, follower/enemy AI and path finding, exploits, radar, and search.
  • Multiplayer – In addition to some of the gameplay improvements listed above, multiplayer fixes also cover areas such as animations, game mode bugs, stat reporting, and stability/crash fixes.
  • PC – Numerous control & UI fixes, fixes to some hitching, improved Mantle performance, graphical glitches.

Beyond Patch 2 we’ll continue to release patches that focus on gameplay improvements. We’ve already lined up a number of improvements and fixes we’d like to include in Patch 3, and of course we’ll continue listening to you to make sure we’re addressing your concerns.

I wanted to call out a few specific topics as well, as they relate to patches:

  • Keyboard & Mouse controls – Patch 2 includes the first range of fixes towards addressing the feedback we’ve received on the PC controls; it cleans things up so you’ll see fewer problems with the current layout. This gives us a more stable base upon which to work. After Patch 2 goes out, our next priority is to improve the PC mouse/keyboard controls further. We’re investigating how to expand on PC usability and functionality to address specific requests from the community. Keep an eye on this thread by Mark Darrah for more updates.
  • Some people have reported problems with party banter firing. To find out more about how the Banter System works please go here. We have also identified that in some edge scenarios, banter isn’t firing as often as we’d like, so we’ll be increasing the percentage chance of it happening. This increase will come after Patch 2.

Priority 2 – Features and content

As massive as Dragon Age: Inquisition already is, there were some things the team wanted to get in at launch, but we just ran out of time. We’ll be creating these new features and content and adding them into your game over time because we love our DAI players. Multiplayer will also be receiving regular content updates.

In closing, I’d like to thank you for your patience. We appreciate your feedback, so keep it coming! We’re going to keep working on these patches and content while you’re off adventuring in the world of Dragon Age. In the meantime, please visit EA’s help website for the latest workarounds and updates.


If you encounter any technical issues, you can also find help from our community over on AHQ.


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Thanks so much!

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That's good to hear.

Draining Dragon

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Better late than never, I suppose.
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thanks alot!


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Sweet I see the wait was worth it glad to see they are gonna adress the conversation bug hopefully now they will progress smoothly with them stopping mid convo :) that the only real reason I put DAI on the side burner for a lil bit cant wait to jump back into it tomorrow!


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Yay, to this news! Thanks for this information.  :)


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This is the best thing I could have read before bedtime. :) Thank you so much for the update and your continued efforts!
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Thanks for the prompt patching Bioware, here is hoping it'll solve some if not all of our issues.


I'd like to know if the behaviors screen is being fixing for ultrawide monitors 21:9 this patch, its very annoying having a large portion of that screen hidden by the black bar on the left of the screen.


***edit for typos***

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Thanks Chaps!!


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Thanks for the news, btw there will be any performace optimization in this or next patch?(low fps in many areas, mostly with npcs)

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I'm hoping it's an early morning patch and not say ... a middle of the day! I'm hoping with these fixes I can start a fresh save with the fixes and see what I've missed due to any bugs!


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So Patch 2, huh?



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They actually linked to the thread of pc doom and gloom? I appreciate that, it's been my home when I'm not working or playing the game.
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They actually linked to the thread of pc doom and gloom? I appreciate that, it's been my home when I'm not working or playing the game.



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How do you maintain such a consistent meme game?


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Faith in BioWare restored!

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Aron Dalentor

Aron Dalentor
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I hope I can safely edit Hawke with this update. I believe this fix is a minor thing.

And yeah, go Bioware.

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My faith isn't based on their words. Still doesn't say what specifically they will do for PC controls.  Second, I will judge based on the actual execution.

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How do you maintain such a consistent meme game?



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Faith in BioWare restored!



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Gender issue is fixed on patch 1? (its kinda a big deal, i think u should address it directly and dont keep us guessing )

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Gender issue is fixed on patch 1? (its kinda a big deal, i think u should address it directly and dont keep us guessing )


1st line under the list for the patch:


Stability – Various crashes, freezes, audio/voice glitches, and many stability improvements.


Crossa da finga's.

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Hey guys. How do we know if the game has been patch already? I did try to see if a new version of the game has come but origin said its already up to date...

*so that means the update has not been implemented yet?