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Issue: awc.dll / misconfiguration problems with digital distribution versions

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Don Moar

Don Moar
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We are aware of some customers who are experiencing problems with the digital distribution versions of the game where they receive an awc.dll or misconfiguration error after installation when they try to run the game.

This is generally a problem with Adobe AIR not being installed or missing some EA Access files.


1. Uninstall the game and reinstall. Ensure that you install Adobe AIR when prompted. You may also want to try installing Adobe AIR directly from the Adobe website.

2. If you purchased the game over Impulse, they have released another .exe to try to repair the problem. See the following thread on their forums: http://forums.impulsedriven.com/374485

We will update this thread with more information as it becomes available.

Don M

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Michael Gamble

Michael Gamble
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A few helpful users (as well as EA support) have come up with a number of troubleshooting options:

1) Open windows file search
2) Type "EAAccessInstaller.exe" and locate the file on your hard drive
3) Open a command prompt and cd to the directory of EAAccessInstaller.exe
4) Type the following command:

EAAccessInstaller.exe /s /dir "C:\\Program Files\\Electronic Arts\\Mass Effect 2\\binaries"

(With the appropriate path to the ME2 binary directory).

If that still doesn't work:

1) Go to the ME2 directory, binaries subfolder.
2) Open the EACore_App.ini file in a text editor
3) Make sure that the paths to activation.exe are correct

If that _still_ doesn't work, you can examine the log file to see if there's any indication there of what's going wrong.

On Win XP, the log files live in: C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data\\Electronic Arts\\EA Core\\logs
On Vista/Win7, the log files live in: C:\\Program Data\\Electronic Arts\\EA Core\\logs

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Michael Gamble

Michael Gamble
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Some more helpful information from a user:

If you are still prevented from playing, a temporary workaround may be to start EACoreServer manually.

The problem is EACoreServer.exe isn't starting up when its' supposed to so you have to start it manually and then click the .exe to start the game.

More info on this as we go.

Thanks for sticking it out! You guys are awesome.

EA Greg

EA Greg
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Hello everyone,

So the instructions for running EAAccessInstaller depend on what folder your MassEffect2.exe resides in. For the default install, it is the following:

C:\\Program Files\\Mass Effect 2\\Binaries\\

Therefore the command would be:

EAAccessInstaller.exe /s /dir "C:\\Program Files\\Mass Effect 2\\Binaries"

This should stick the files in the correct location. With the previous instructions, the files would be installed in a completely different folder.

Sorry for this inconvience.

Happy gaming!

Michael Gamble

Michael Gamble
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The issue appears to be that the activation installer is not installing activation.exe for a few customers. Working with numerous users, we managed to get them to install a copy of activation.exe manually. Once that was done, he was able to successfully play the game. The customer has confirmed this is the case both via email and on the original thread at http://social.biowar...6/index/828824/

It seems like the next step would be to roll this solution out to the few other customers who have been affected by this peculiar issue.

First, please take a look at the the installer for activation.exe. It can be downloaded here:


Please use following instructions on how to install it manually for users who do not have activation.exe on their machines after installing ME2:

1) Install Adobe AIR if it’s not already installed

2) Go to the Mass Effect 2 binaries subdirectory and see if EACore.dll and EACoreServer.exe exist. If not, find the EAAccessInstaller.exe file in your download directory, and execute it with the following parameters:

EAAccessInstaller /s /dir “C:\\Program Files\\Mass Effect 2\\binaries”

(With appropriate path to the ME2 binaries subdirectory)

At this point, Adobe AIR should be installed, and EACore.dll and EACoreServer.exe should be in the ME2 binaries subdirectory.

3) Download the activation.air file and run it.

4) When activation.air asks you where you want to install the application, install it to the suggested location + “\\Electronic Arts”.

For example, if the default install patch is “C:\\Program Files”, install it to “C:\\Program Files\\Electronic Arts”.

5) Launch the game

If it does not work for you, try the following remedial steps:

6) Go to the ME2 binaries subdirectory again and open EACore_App.ini

7) Make sure both paths to activation.exe are correct.

8) Run EACoreServer.exe from the binaries directory, and then try launching the game again.

I believe this should fix the majority of customers experiencing this particular issue.